Thursday, October 6, 2016

Yaaron Ki Baraat- Friends For Life

My husband John is my best buddy. He’s just a year and a half elder than me, and so we understand each other a lot. Having known each other for 14 years you kind of become best buddies.

Over the course of the years, we have shared so many special moments together. The hubby has this perfect telepathic sense, and whenever I am in trouble, John calls me, that’s spooky.

 I was in my maternal house for my delivery and was admitted to the hospital. You won’t believe this, the minute my pain started, instantaneously the cell phone started ringing, and it was my husband calling from the Gulf.

Since we are settled in Gulf, I felt very homesick during the early years of our marriage, and he would be there for me doing all he can to cheer me up.

As I am writing this, I remember all the silly fights we used to have for no reason at all. John is a good cook and makes delicious recipes. The funny part is that he invents the recipes then and there, does the cooking, keeps his recipe a secret because I would steal his ideas and eventually forgets what went into the making of his recipe.

I became a writer because of him, and he became a musician because of me how’s that? There’s been a lot of giving and take in our relationship. One thing that cements our relationship is our faith. Both of us are deeply spiritual, and our faith in God helped us through some trying times.

Friendship is a beautiful thing in this world, and when my husband is my best friend that becomes something special. We have been blessed with a son and a daughter. During the times when I was in the family way, I used to suffer from severe morning sickness, and he would take good care of me.

I don’t know whether this has happened to you when you’re close to someone, the minute you think of them they make a call or send you a message. My husband does that, whenever I think about him or talk about him, he calls me or sends a message.

Some of my best memories are during the Christmas time, decorating the tree, enjoying homemade biryani and Christmas cake, attending the midnight mass and watching Christmas cartoons together as a family.

All the four of us are great fans of Rajini Kanth; we love to watch his movies at home. We bought the cassette of Kabali, had large cups of popcorn in hand and watched the video. The funny part is that my husband started to act like Kabali for a couple of days. Now that’s a different story.

During all these years I have learnt so much from him, like being responsible, methodical and flexible. I hope he has studied from me how to be punctual, friendly and patient.

I hope you would also have a best buddy. Zee TV brings you an excellent chat show Yaaron ki Baraat on 8th October. So sit glued to your TV at 8 PM on the 8th of October to watch the first episode. Two best friends Amitabh Bachchan and Shatrughan Sinha will spill the beans about their friendship which spans four decades touchwood.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Small Steps To A Healthy Heart

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 “I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

A healthy heart is essential for a happy and successful life. In this day and age, life has become so busy, and one has to make efforts to stay healthy.
Being a health writer I usually write about all the dangerous diseases and it does have an effect on your emotional ecosystem. So I make some suitable and easy lifestyle modifications so that being healthy becomes easy and achievable.

Staying Active
Sitting at the computer all day because of my writing schedule makes me want to go out and walk all the more. I usually take a brisk walk in the evening for about 30 minutes. In between my writings, I take a break and walk briskly for 5 minutes.

Taking short, small walks improves your blood circulation and brings in fresh oxygen to your body. If you sit for six straight hours, your vascular function will be impaired. When you sit, relaxed muscles do not contract efficiently to supply blood to the heart.
Even if I am talking over the phone, I walk along and talk, best of both worlds is it not?

Eating better

A healthy diet is a big plus to have a healthy heart. I cut back on fat, red meat, oily foods, junk foods and fried foods. Instead, I use more of veggies in my diet.
Fresh fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that boost your heart health. I use virgin coconut oil, olive oil and healthy oils such as Saffola in my cooking.

Healthy oils improve your good cholesterol levels (HDL levels) and reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) which is essential for heart health.
I usually include lots of salads in my diet and have low fat milk.

Being Happy

Happiness optimizes your heart health. Daily we are bombarded with lots of problems which drain out our peace of mind and increase the stress levels. Stress can greatly affect your heart health.
I usually meditate a lot in the early mornings and when I am going walking. Meditation connects your inner being with the positive spiritual force and boosts the optimism.

Music also reduces stress levels and negative emotions like anger, bitterness, and hatred. Good music helps to secrete positive brain chemicals which increase the happiness quotient.
Healthy friendships work miracles for your heart. I am blessed with some great friends who’ll stand by me through thick and thin.

Little drops do make an ocean, in the same way, little steps you take helps you to have a healthy heart.

Everything You Need To Know About Organic Shampoo

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Everything You Need To Know About Organic Shampoo

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Cons of Sugary Drinks

It's summer time, and whenever I go out for a walk, I see groups of youngsters enjoying their time, each with a can of sugary beverages. But alas! The warnings come clear and loud about the health hazards of sugary drinks. A recent study sounded the alarm that sugary drinks may lead to an estimated death of 184,000 each year worldwide. 

Harvard scientists say that sugary drinks contribute to the obesity epidemic. The average size of sugar-sweetened soda or fruit punch provides about 150 calories of sugar, mainly from high fructose corn syrup.

The 150 calories equal to about ten tsp of table sugar. Imagine ten tsp of sugar in a single can of sweetened beverage. It is just like slow poison, which will cut our life road someday. Hope I have scared you to death.

Dangers of sugary drinks

The consumption of sugary drinks such as sugar sweetened sodas, fruit drinks, sports/energy drinks, sweetened ice teas and homemade sugary drinks leads to the development of heart diseases, diabetes, and cancers.

What concerns the health enthusiasts is that the consumption is increasing at a whirlwind speed among the youngsters. Imagine the impact on health due to these sugary beverages, a few years down the road.

Early onset of mensuration

Health scientists warn us that girls who drink sugary drinks frequently start their menstrual periods earlier than those who do not consume it. The average age of the first menarche is 12 years.

The findings are very significant because of early onset of periods is related to higher risk of breast cancer later in life. Scientists point out that drinks with more sugar have a higher glycemic index.

This causes a rapid rise in insulin concentration of sex hormones. Massive changes in the level of these hormones circulating in the body are linked to earlier onset of mensuration.

So if you have a daughter, this sounds an alarm for you.

Hazards increase in a dose-dependent manner
If you drink sugary drinks just for two weeks, it could affect your health adversely warns scientists.

These beverages which are loaded with sugar increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in a dose-dependent manner. The more you drink, the greater the risk.

Another finding points out that an interesting angle. Sugary beverages can suppress the hormone cortisol and the stress hormone in the brain. These drinks can provide quick relief from stress.

This can prompt regular drinking of these beverages which can have detrimental effects on health, including obesity.

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

There is a huge risk if you drink sugary drinks on a daily basis. It can increase the risk of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. NAFLD is the accumulation of fat cells in the liver which is not related to alcohol consumption.

People suffering from NAFLD are at a greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Sugary beverages are a major contributor of fructose, the sugar that is believed to increase the risk of NAFLD, because of how our bodies process it.

Sugary drinks impair memory

Scientists warn that consumption of sugary beverages during adolescence can hamper the ability to learn and remember information. But the irony is that sugary drinks are most popular among the youngsters.

Refined carbohydrates when consumed in soft drinks, can lead to metabolic disturbances.  Sugary drinks interfere with our brain’s ability to function normally and remember critical information.

Scientists warn that it also produces inflammation in the hippocampus, an area of the brain that controls many learning and memory functions. Terrible is it not?
Studies warn us that sugary beverages can cause kidney stones and also raise the risk of endometrial cancer in post-menopausal women. 


I think there are more than enough reasons for you to avoid sugar-sweetened beverages. If you can’t go cold turkey, you can just trim down your consumption and enjoy it on an occasional basis. So the world will have healthier and happier citizens to habitat it.