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Top Tips To Deal With Autism

Autism can be said as a developmental disorder and usually develops in the first three years of life. It impairs the development of social and communication skills of the child. The real cause for autism is yet to be found.

Boys suffer more from autism than girls. The number of boys affected is 3-4 times larger than girls. The children with autism have difficulties in pretend play, social interaction and verbal and non verbal communication.

If parents suspect something wrong with the development of the child it is wise to seek medical guidance. Research suggests that early intervention can make a huge difference in the coping tactics of these kids. It is found children start to show signs of autism by the time of their first birthday.

Talking about the treatment for autism it includes behavior and communication therapies, educational therapies and medication. It is important to tell all the medications and nutritional supplements you are giving your kid to the health care providers.

Creative therapies such as art, music and sensory integration can help these kids a lot. Diet plays a prominent role in the life of an autistic kid or a person. Special diets such as yeast free diet, gluten free diet and casein free diet yields great benefits. You know what? Latest research has proved that gluten free and casein free diets greatly improve the psychological symptoms of children with autism spectrum disorder.

The researchers say that autism may also involve GI tract and immune system. When we adhere to these special diets, it reduces the inflammation and discomfort that alters brain processing. In turn the body is more receptive to ASD therapies. Gluten and casein are considered to be immunoreactive and hence not good for the child affected with autism.

Read between the dots properly, the researchers have advised parents to continue giving the child a gluten and casein free diet for some time to see the possible benefits.
Supplements such as vitamin A, C and vitamin B6, magnesium, folic acid, vitamin B12 and omega 3 fatty acids can be given as per the doctor’s recommendation. 

Technology can work wonders for a child affected with autism. There are iPad apps for autistic children which greatly enhances their social skills, fine motor skills, language and communication skills, sensory skills and it also helps in stress reduction.

Taking care of a child with autism can be quite challenging. So it would be in your best interest that you take some me time. Families with autistic children can give you a lot of information so seek their friendship. Having a detailed knowledge of the disorder helps you in many ways. Last but not the least you should have a trusted team of professionals to help you in times of need. 


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