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What Is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a blue green micro algae and can be used as a nutritional supplement. It contains more than 100 nutrients and considered as the most complete food source. The ancient Aztecs and other Mesoamericans used it as a source of food until the 16th century. Spirulina is used by astronauts in their space diet.
Spirulina contains 60% of protein and is said to be a complete protein containing all the essential amino acids. It is a rich source of dietary vitamin A. Spirulina is very useful to the body. Scientists have found that spirulina inhibits viral replication and strengthens immune system. It has anti-ageing and neuro protective properties.  It reduces the likelihood of kidney and liver toxicity.
Spirulina encourages the growth of beneficial flora in the stomach. It encourages rapid recovery of malnourished children. It increases the bioavailability of iron and helps fight anemia. Spirulina contains Gamma linoleic acid which is very useful for those suffering from rheumatoid arth…

Do Flowers Heal You?

Do flowers have the power to heal your mind, body and soul? Yes, they do and this is the topic we are going to discuss in this post. If you are feeling rather low and depressed why not venture out and smell the pretty flowers? They work magic and lift up your spirit.
The great English bacteriologist, pathologist and homeopath believed that dew found on flower petals had healing properties. Researchers at the Harvard University found participants of a behavioral study who felt least positive in the early hours of the day reported being happier and more energetic after looking up at flowers first thing in the morning.

Flowers and more so the floral scents trigger happy emotions, reduces anxiety, increases feelings of compassion and satisfaction, boosts energy levels and affects social behavior in a positive manner. According to Science Daily floral scents begin as oils that are produced by the petals in most plants. These oils evaporate easily in warm weather and so are called as volatile…

How To Prevent Heartburn?

The other name for heartburn is pyrosis and if you are suffering from it you tend to feel a burning sensation in the chest. Heartburn may occur because of certain foodstuffs, medications, obesity and stress. Over weight people, people who smoke and those who wear tight fitting clothes are at a greater risk of developing heartburn.

This is not to scare you off but there is a condition known as GERD- gastro esophageal reflux disease which necessarily needs medical intervention. If you suffer from heartburn many times a week it is better for you if you visit a doctor.

How to prevent heartburn?
Naturally everybody will ask this question. Try to take smaller meals, have your dinner 3 to four hours before bedtime and avoid late night snacks. Some of the foodstuffs you should avoid include tomatoes, onions, garlic, chocolate, peppermint, fatty foods and citrus fruits.

Avoid coffee, tea, soda, alcohol, tomato and orange juice. Some exercises can also cause heartburn these include abdominal cr…

How to Cope With Alzheimer's Disease?

PubMedHealth defines Alzheimer’s disease as a form of dementia (loss of brain function) which gradually worsens overtime. This disease affects memory, behavior and thinking. The symptoms of AD include difficulty in performing tasks, solving problems, forgetting, getting lost on familiar routes, language problems, flat mood and misplacing items.

As the disease progresses people may experience delusion, depression, hallucinations, and difficulty in reading. People with severe AD can no longer understand language and perform basic activities of life.

But there is hope for those who are affected. Researchers at the Technical University of Berlin along with IQWig researchers have found that herbal preparations made from leaves of Ginkgo biloba improved blood circulation, protects nerve cells and is very useful for patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

According to BBC news, nicotine may aid in memory in the early stages of this disease. The nicotine treatment was found to be safe on the pati…

How To Prevent Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis may be termed as a condition where the bone tissue begins to thin and there is loss of bone density. The two minerals essential for the formation of bone are calcium and phosphate. As a person gets older these minerals are reabsorbed back into the body causing the bone to become brittle, fragile and more prone to fractures.

In men this disease may be due to a drop in testosterone and in women it may be due to the drop in estrogen levels. Osteoporosis affects women over 50 years of age and men over 70 years of age.

It is wise to include calcium and phosphate in our diet from an early age to prevent osteoporosis. You can include fat free milk, home made yogurt, soy, calcium enriched orange juice, green leafy vegetables, collard greens, broccoli, sesame seeds, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, oat meal and shredded wheat.

You can add variety to your diet by including salmon, sardines, fresh fruits and dried fruits. Fresh fruits help in calcium absorption. Avoid sugar, cho…

How to Deal With Migraine?

Migraine is a headache which includes symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light. The warning symptoms which signal the start of migraine is called as aura. Some people might experience it.

There are some triggers for a migraine attack to develop they may include alcohol, allergic reactions, certain odors or perfumes, changes in hormones, sleep patterns, loud noise, stress and smoking.

If you are suffering from a migraine headache the best possible thing you can do for yourself is to take precautions to prevent it especially the triggers. You can maintain a journal about your migraine attack, drink plenty of water if incase you vomit and rest in a quiet place far away from noise and disturbances.  Last but not the least ensure you take proper medication.

There may also be some foods which could trigger a migraine attack. These include cheese, chocolate, citrus fruits, hot dogs, mono-sodium glutamate popularly known as msg, aspartame, fatty acids, ice cream, caffeine wi…

What is a Netipot?

The nasal irrigation is the process in which the nasal cavity is washed to remove the excess mucus and dirt from the nose. The most popular form of nasal cleaning is cleaning the nose with a neti pot. Actually this is an ancient practice used in ayurvedic medicine which has gained popularity after it was featured in Oprah Winfrey show.

Nasal cleaning relives facial pain, headache, cough, watery discharge and nasal congestion and altogether promotes good nasal health.

What is a neti pot?
A neti pot is a ceramic pot which helps to clean the nose. Its usage is good for people who have undergone sinus surgery, to clear crusting in nasal passage. It can also be used by people with sinus symptoms from allergies and environmental irritants. It brings relief to symptoms of sinus without using any medications.

How would you use a neti pot?
First mix 16 ounces of lukewarm water with one tsp of salt. You may also add 1/2 tsp of baking soda. You can clean the nose with a neti pot either daily or…

Top Foods That Fight Cancer Effectively

Cancer is a person’s nightmare hope you would agree to me? According to PubMedHealth cancer is the result of uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. Be warned! Cancer may develop in any organ or tissue. In this article we will discuss certain foods that help to fight cancer.

According to American Institute for Cancer Research blue berries, broccoli and cruciferous vegetables, cranberries, flax seed, beans, berries, dark green leafy vegetables, garlic, grape and grape juice, green tea, soy, tomatoes, whole grains help to fight cancer.

Now let us just see some of the important nutrients in these food stuffs. The secret of Blueberries is that they are rich in antioxidants. They are excellent sources of vitamin C, K, manganese and also posse’s considerable amount of fiber.

Some of the examples of cruciferous vegetables are broccoli, Brussels sprouts, green cabbage and cauliflower. Even if you do not like it, try to make a conscious effort to include these in your daily diet. Th…