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Do Flowers Heal You?

Do flowers have the power to heal your mind, body and soul? Yes, they do and this is the topic we are going to discuss in this post. If you are feeling rather low and depressed why not venture out and smell the pretty flowers? They work magic and lift up your spirit.

The great English bacteriologist, pathologist and homeopath believed that dew found on flower petals had healing properties. Researchers at the Harvard University found participants of a behavioral study who felt least positive in the early hours of the day reported being happier and more energetic after looking up at flowers first thing in the morning.

Flowers and more so the floral scents trigger happy emotions, reduces anxiety, increases feelings of compassion and satisfaction, boosts energy levels and affects social behavior in a positive manner. According to Science Daily floral scents begin as oils that are produced by the petals in most plants. These oils evaporate easily in warm weather and so are called as volatile compounds.
Some flowers were used for medicinal purposes since early times. Foxglove was used as a treatment for cardiovascular diseases. The ancient Greeks used lily of valley for heart conditions and dropsy. Dried lavender is used to aid sleep. A drug obtained from lavender aids digestion, relieves flatulence and acts as antiseptic.

Hibiscus is generally good for the heart. White lotus increases sperm count. In India neem flower is used for de-worming.  Jasmine is considered good for the nerves. Pink rose acts as a good mouth cleanser and when mixed with honey it helps to purify blood.

Flowers are not only objects of beauty. The flowers as well as the floral scents lift your spirit and heal your mind, body and soul. Just place a bouquet of flowers in your kitchen or living room or in the place you spend most of your time and see the magic it creates in your life.

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