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All About Light Therapy

Light the life blood of all life forms is used for medical purposes to treat and cure many diseases. Light which occupies a prestigious first position in the creation has a host of health benefits. I can simply go on talking, so let me come to the point, what is light therapy?
Light therapy otherwise known as photo-therapy or helio-therapy consists of exposure to day light or artificial sources of light such as lasers, fluorescent lamps, light emitting diodes and full spectrum lights for medical purposes. Blue light, infra-red light and ultra violet light is used to treat various diseases.
Blue light is a component of the visible light and is currently being used to treat back pain and bad breath. A study found that when exposed for just two minutes from lamps used for tooth whitening the blue light killed all the bacteria which were present in saliva.
Blue light is effective in killing bacteria associated with destructive gum disease and periodontitis an oral infection that leads to los…

How to Prevent Heart Failure?

Wikipedia defines heart failure as an inability of the heart to provide sufficient pumping action to distribute blood flow to meet the needs of the body. The symptoms of heart failure are shortness of breath, swelling of legs and exercise intolerance.
The risk factors for heart failure include high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, heart attack, irregular heart beats, diabetes, some diabetes medication, sleep apnea, alcohol, viral infections, congenital heart disease and kidney conditions.
But the good news is that heart failure can be treated and the results are good. Along with your treatment you should make some lifestyle changes such as doing exercise, reducing salt, stress management, treating depression and loosing weight. You can also increase your quality of life by not smoking, staying physically active and eating healthy foods.
Recently scientists have found that two RNA molecules were involved in the pathological heart growth and failure in mice. Long story cut really…

What is all about the new Sars-like Corona virus?

I was reading the book of Revelation about the end times in the Bible and today morning when I opened the morning paper it read “Global alert over Sars –like virus” and I kind of felt a deep fear inside me. Reuters reports that the WHO has put a global alert after two men were identified with a previously unknown virus which is related to the Sars infection and common cold.
The virus termed as the corona virus comes from the same family as the Sars that killed 800 people way back in 2003. The corona virus is named so because they have distinct appearance of virions under electron microscope. These virions are bulbous surface projections creating an image of solar corona. They infect the upper respiratory tract and gastro intestinal tract of mammals and birds. Four to five different strains can affect humans and the most famous example is the Sars.
Doctors say that this virus may spread in droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Medical experts believe that this virus may be …

How Does Vitamin A Helps you to be Healthy?

In simpler terms vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin. The active form of vitamin A is retinol which is found in some animal liver and whole milk. Retinol plays a positive and beneficial role in increasing immunity, inflammatory, genetic and reproductive health benefits. These benefits can only be enjoyed by retinol forms of the vitamin. These retinol forms of the vitamin are very essential for child birth, pregnancy, infancy, childhood growth, night vision, red blood cell production and resistance to infection.
If you want to focus on the vitamin A benefits related to eye health your food should include two carotenoid forms of the vitamin A which are lutein and zeaxanthin. They can be found in spinach, kale and Swiss chards. Interestingly this carotene is responsible for the orange color of the carrots and many fruits and veggies. Do you know that the pink color of wild flamingo is due to the beta carotene they absorb from the blue green algae in their diet?
The vitamin A is got from goa…

Can Betel Leaf Help Fight Cancer?

Indian researchers have found that chewing betel leaf could fight chronic myeloid leukaemia a form of bone marrow cancer. Now what is this betel leaf?It belongs to the family of pepper and kava.
Betel leaves are used as mild stimulants and posses some medicinal properties. They are consumed as betel squid or pann by the members of South East Asian community. This squid contains betel leaf, areca nut, slaked lime and tobacco. In some places cardamom, saffron, aniseed and sweeteners are added according to local taste.
But a research by WHO has found that, the incidence of oral cancer is high among those who chew pann than those of their Western counterparts, who does not have this habit. An interesting thing is that the cancer usually develops at the place where the squid is kept.
Recently Indian researchers from Mumbai and Kolkatta have found that a molecule hydroxychavicol derived from the alcoholic extract of betel leaves may be highly useful for those suffering from CML a form of can…

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a pale yellow to nearly colorless essential oil. It was used by the Bundjalung people of Eastern Australia as a traditional medicine. Tea tree oil has so many beneficial properties so much so you want it to grow in your garden.
Tea tree oil has anti viral, anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. It is also used as an antiseptic. Tea tree oil is very effective against bacteria, viruses, fungal infections, mites and scabies and head lice. Researchers have found that essential oil such as tea tree oil could be an effective alternative to antibiotics in combating drug resistant hospital super bugs.
Tea tree oil is used to treat acne, athlete’s foot, eczema and yeast infections. It can be added to vaporizer to loose chest congestion. When tea tree oil is mixed with silver it greatly increases its antimicrobial activity and minimizes side effects. Tea tree oil is generally safe for most people, but for some it may cause skin irritation and swelling. It is wise to consult …

Health Benefits of Moringa Tree

We have a big Moringa tree at the backyard of my mother’s house and I was so stupid to be unaware of its usefulness. Lately I have learned that moringa is such a beneficial tree from head to toe to the extent that it is called as the miracle tree. Moringa is also called the drumstick tree. It is a boon for the developing countries because it ensures food security, improves nutrition and helps in rural development and sustainable land care.
In Ayurveda it is recorded that moringa prevents about 300 diseases! The leaves form the most nutritious part of the plant. They are rich in iron, potassium, vitamin A, B, C and E. It has been recently found that a natural substance obtained from the seeds of moringa could help in the purification and clarification of water.
Moringa consists of a compound called pterygospermin which has become a favorite topic among the scientific community. It has been found that this substance acts as an inhibitor of lymphoblastoid cells and has reduced skin cancer.…

What is Noni?

I have heard that noni juice (Morinda citrifolia) is good for heath. But did not give serious thought to this matter, then a friend of mine who suffered from psoriasis told me that after drinking two bottles of noni juice the symptoms have greatly disappeared. We visited a remote village in South India where I noticed a person carrying noni juice bottles in his cycle. This was a remote village and people are using noni here, this made me very curious to find out what it is all about.
Noni is not a medicine; it is used as a dietary supplement and a health enhancer. The fruit is got from the noni tree which belongs to the coffee family. This fruit extract has been used traditionally for many ailments and even modern research has proved that this noni has got wonderful medicinal properties.
Noni is good for diabetes, prevents against ischemic stress, enhances immunity and it also fights breast cancer. Noni reduces arthritic and other joint pains; it helps in the healthy growth of nails and…

How to Prevent Preterm Labor?

The birth of baby less than 37 weeks of gestational age is called a preterm birth. Premature infants are at a greater risk of short and long term complications. This post deals about the ways in which you can reduce preterm labor.

The preterm babies face numerous problems including low birth weight, difficulty in breathing, digestive complications, under developed organs and learning and developing disabilities. A new study has found that low birth weight babies are five times more likely to suffer from autism. Generally the causes for preterm labor include infection, bleeding or stretching of uterus; poor sleep quality in first and third trimester, pre-pregnancy obesity, and gestational weight gain.

How to avoid a preterm labor?
According to Dr. Manny Alvarez a daily dose of progesterone gel which is basically a hormone gel could reduce premature births. The number is reduced by half among women with high risk pregnancies.

Good nutrition is essential in preventing preterm labor. Pregnant…