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Health Benefits of Moringa Tree

We have a big Moringa tree at the backyard of my mother’s house and I was so stupid to be unaware of its usefulness. Lately I have learned that moringa is such a beneficial tree from head to toe to the extent that it is called as the miracle tree. Moringa is also called the drumstick tree. It is a boon for the developing countries because it ensures food security, improves nutrition and helps in rural development and sustainable land care.

 In Ayurveda it is recorded that moringa prevents about 300 diseases! The leaves form the most nutritious part of the plant. They are rich in iron, potassium, vitamin A, B, C and E. It has been recently found that a natural substance obtained from the seeds of moringa could help in the purification and clarification of water.

Moringa consists of a compound called pterygospermin which has become a favorite topic among the scientific community. It has been found that this substance acts as an inhibitor of lymphoblastoid cells and has reduced skin cancer. Apart from these moringa has anti bacterial and antiviral properties. It posses antioxidant and anticancer substances and can function as a natural growth stimulant.

Moringa relieves mineral and vitamin deficiencies, supports a healthy cardiovascular system, helps to maintain normal blood glucose levels and reduces oxidative damage. It increases physical energy, increases mental alertness and ensures nutrient dense mother’s milk. Moringa supplements are safe to use and no reports of toxicity have been issued.

Moringa oil or the ben oil is obtained by crushing the seeds. It has the great cosmetic value and has been used since Egyptian times. The oil can be used for hair and body care as moisturizer and skin conditioner. As always get your doctor’s permission before you start any new supplement.

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  1. I'll always prefer your site in case of Moringa's benefits. I know here I can not whole detail but I can at least the usable details about the Moringa. . Will you please explain me further about the side effects of Moringa leaves..?
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