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What is all about the new Sars-like Corona virus?

I was reading the book of Revelation about the end times in the Bible and today morning when I opened the morning paper it read “Global alert over Sars –like virus” and I kind of felt a deep fear inside me. Reuters reports that the WHO has put a global alert after two men were identified with a previously unknown virus which is related to the Sars infection and common cold.

The virus termed as the corona virus comes from the same family as the Sars that killed 800 people way back in 2003. The corona virus is named so because they have distinct appearance of virions under electron microscope. These virions are bulbous surface projections creating an image of solar corona. They infect the upper respiratory tract and gastro intestinal tract of mammals and birds. Four to five different strains can affect humans and the most famous example is the Sars.

Doctors say that this virus may spread in droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Medical experts believe that this virus may be a mutated form of an existing virus or it is an infection that has been found in animals which has been transferred to humans. Doctors are yet to find the best possible treatment for this condition and at present there are no vaccinations available.

The best possible way to prevent it is by taking suitable precautionary measures. Always keep your hands clean, breathe through your nose, keep your feet warm, avoid using towels used by persons who are having a cold, garlic nose drops will be beneficial, be very careful in public and while traveling by air to different destinations, make sure your environment is not too dry and last but not the least reduce stress.

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Photo courtesy of Wikipedia and CDC/Dr. Fred Murphy.


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