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What is Noni?

I have heard that noni juice (Morinda citrifolia) is good for heath. But did not give serious thought to this matter, then a friend of mine who suffered from psoriasis told me that after drinking two bottles of noni juice the symptoms have greatly disappeared. We visited a remote village in South India where I noticed a person carrying noni juice bottles in his cycle. This was a remote village and people are using noni here, this made me very curious to find out what it is all about.

Noni is not a medicine; it is used as a dietary supplement and a health enhancer. The fruit is got from the noni tree which belongs to the coffee family. This fruit extract has been used traditionally for many ailments and even modern research has proved that this noni has got wonderful medicinal properties.

Noni is good for diabetes, prevents against ischemic stress, enhances immunity and it also fights breast cancer. Noni reduces arthritic and other joint pains; it helps in the healthy growth of nails and hair, ensures better skin tone, increases mental alertness and reduces stress. Science Daily reports that the native Hawaiian noni plant has been found to kill the bacterium that causes tuberculosis. Noni is high in potassium so people who are on a potassium restricted diet should avoid taking noni juice. As always before you start any supplement ask your doctor’s advice.

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