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How Cutting-Edge Technology Restores Vision in Blind People

Yesterday I was reading a magazine about a lady who loved colors. She usually dressed in bright outfits and painted her home with all the hues of the rainbow. She reminded people of the sixties and seventies. Colors play an important role in life. But some people are not very lucky in this regard. They are affected by an uncommon disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa which gradually robs them off their sight.
Retinitis Pigmentosa is a hereditary disease which damages the retina and leads to blindness. The retina is a tissue at the back of the inner eye which converts light images to nerve signals and sends them to the brain. But scientists are hard at work round the clock to bring about a change in these people’s lives, as you are about to read in this post.
In the past, researchers have developed retinal implants that have allowed the blind people to see shapes and objects within days of the implant being installed. And now the scientists have gone a mile further and streamed Braille pat…

Benefits of Creating an Emotionally Healthy Home Environment

I dedicate this post to the five little boys who died in a Dumpster in China, taking refuge from the terrible shivering cold outside and pray that their little souls may rest in peace. Now a recent research has found out that happy teenagers earn more. In this post we will be discussing about creating an emotionally healthy home environment to raise successful future generations.
I usually wake up at 4; 30 in the morning to prepare for the day ahead and you know what? During that time I get all these crazy ideas to write down my post. At one such early morning time suddenly it occurred to me that God has appointed us as stewards to look after the soul, mind and body of our children for the progress of this beautiful race on this planet.
Moving back to our topic an investigation of whether youthful happiness will leadto greater wealth in the future found youngsters with a positive mindset went on to earn significantly higher incomes later on in their lives. Happiness creates a positive o…

Can GI Diet Help in the Management of Diabetes?

We bought a nice big pot and sowed some parsley seeds in it. After some days it sprouted and a very strange thing happened. I guess pigeons love tender parsley leaves. Two pigeons just keep sitting inside those young seedlings and keep on pecking the leaves, as if they are enjoying a great feast. Even little pigeons are aware of healthy eating.
Well, coming back to our topic, if you want to loose weight by controlling your blood sugar then GI diet has got all the answers for your question. Glycemic Index diet was developed by Professor David Jenkins. It was made easier and turned into a famous series of diet books by Rick Gallop. The famous author sets the diet with traffic lights as example. Low GI foods are coloured green and you can eat it till your heart's content. You can use the yellow coloured foods occasionally. While it is a big no-no for red coloured foods.

 The diet can be explained as follows: the glycemic index is marked from 0 to 100. Glucose is the key component here…

How to Protect Your Kids From Harmful Environmental Food Toxins?

It is a beautiful blessing to nourish the fruits of our womb and to provide proper care for them. As parents it is our duty to protect the health of our children. But are we doing our part in protecting the blessings that we have attained?
According to a study in the Journal of Environmental Health, scientists found that food borne toxin exposure in kids and adults were high. The study led to an alarming revelation that preschool children are at a high risk of exposure to arsenic, dieldrin, DDE, dioxins and acrylamide.
All these names sound quite frightening and confusing, am I right? These are the compounds which are famed for causing cancer, developmental disabilities, birth defects and other health complications. So what are environmental contaminants?
Wikipedia defines environmental contaminants as chemicals that are present in the environment in which food is grown, harvested, transported, packaged, pressed and consumed. Do you know that I am a health writer and one thing these peo…

How to Untangle Yourself From Workaholism?

I am a hard worker, with kids, a mountain of writing work and house work you know the kind of stuff that needs all your attention. But slowly the defining line between hard work and workaholism blurred and at the end of the day I forgot to smile. The husband who is also a good friend of mine made me realize that life is too precious to be entangled by workaholism. And now I am back to myself and most importantly I got my smile back.
In my own terms I can define workaholism as a mesh which engulfs you and devoid you of enjoying other things in your life. A person who is addicted to his work can be termed workaholic. Workaholism can be said as a respectable addiction. In Japan there is a specific term for it which is known as ‘karoshi.’ It is considered as a serious social problem that results in early death for many mostly on the job.
Workaholics may suffer from deeper problems such as anxiety, lower self esteem and relationship problems. They become so engulfed in their work that it bec…

Why Should You Drink Green Tea Everyday?

If you are my regular readers then can I advise you something? Please go buy yourself a pack of green tea and start drinking it from today. Green tea works great wonders for your health. I just want to introduce you to Swaraj Kumar Banerjee a man in his sixties; he owns one of the oldest tea gardens in the world in Darjeeling. He has a mechanical engineering degree from London.
He has introduced permaculture with the tea bush being a part of the multitier system of trees and plants. His estate sprawls across 1,573 acres across four hills and the unique feature is that the tea occupies only a third of the estate. It is a home to some of endangered species such as Bengal tiger, leopards and barking deer.
Long story cut short the tea estate has a cattle farm and bio gas plant where the sale of milk generates income and the compost helps to produce high quality fruits and vegetables. The Makaibari tea estate also has home stays for tourists which generate income for the workers. This farm …

Health Benefits of Grapefruit

When I was a kid some friends who arrived from Yercaud a hilly region in the South of India gave us some grape fruits. My mother made pickles out of it and sowed the seeds in a pot. To our amazement some seeds sprouted and only one grew into a great big tree producing plenty of grape fruits each year. It stood there for almost 15 years producing big grapefruits for us to enjoy.
The tree grows well in subtropical regions and is best known for the bitter fruits it produces. Grape fruits are rich in vitamin C. This vitamin fights cold, reduces the severity of asthma, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and promotes cardiovascular health. The red and pink varieties of grape fruit contains lycopene which is an antioxidant. Lycopene fights free radicals and prevent cell damage.
Grape fruit is very effective in fighting prostate cancer. It contains Limonoids which promotes our general wellbeing. Pectin a soluble fiber is present in grapefruit and slows down atherosclerosis. Grapefruit is believed …