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Benefits of Creating an Emotionally Healthy Home Environment

I dedicate this post to the five little boys who died in a Dumpster in China, taking refuge from the terrible shivering cold outside and pray that their little souls may rest in peace. Now a recent research has found out that happy teenagers earn more. In this post we will be discussing about creating an emotionally healthy home environment to raise successful future generations.

I usually wake up at 4; 30 in the morning to prepare for the day ahead and you know what? During that time I get all these crazy ideas to write down my post. At one such early morning time suddenly it occurred to me that God has appointed us as stewards to look after the soul, mind and body of our children for the progress of this beautiful race on this planet.

Moving back to our topic an investigation of whether youthful happiness will lead to greater wealth in the future found youngsters with a positive mindset went on to earn significantly higher incomes later on in their lives. Happiness creates a positive outlook of the world and vice versa. Those who were positive people went on to get a degree, find work, get promotions and earn more than their friends who had a negative attitude towards life.

The study found out that even within the same house happier siblings earned more than their brothers or sisters. The researchers conclude with a thought provoking advice that emotional well being of children is a key to how they take root and flourish in later life. As parents, we must create an emotionally healthy environment to nourish our kids.

So I broke my head to find an answer. By researching various research studies here is the amalgam of what I found out. Buying life experiences rather than material possessions bring about greater happiness. Spirituality helps children develop a strong sense of personal worth. Research shows children who realize that their lives have meaning and value develops quality relationships and tends to be happier.

Here I want to make a point and this is my opinion. My college mates who were happier, spread their wings and flew to the four corners of the earth found out suitable life partners and are raising happy families. Providing an emotionally healthy environment not only helps your kids to bring in larger pay check, but also helps them to have happy relationships in the future.

Emotional well being also includes healthy eating, which is my favorite topic. Instilling these values in your kids does more good than you realize. Alok Jha of Guardian News points out that, though the concept of positive thinking includes the school of thought such as wellbeing, happiness and optimism, it also means a higher sense of self control and a greater level of persistence to achieve success.

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