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How to Untangle Yourself From Workaholism?

I am a hard worker, with kids, a mountain of writing work and house work you know the kind of stuff that needs all your attention. But slowly the defining line between hard work and workaholism blurred and at the end of the day I forgot to smile. The husband who is also a good friend of mine made me realize that life is too precious to be entangled by workaholism. And now I am back to myself and most importantly I got my smile back.

In my own terms I can define workaholism as a mesh which engulfs you and devoid you of enjoying other things in your life. A person who is addicted to his work can be termed workaholic. Workaholism can be said as a respectable addiction. In Japan there is a specific term for it which is known as ‘karoshi.’ It is considered as a serious social problem that results in early death for many mostly on the job.

Workaholics may suffer from deeper problems such as anxiety, lower self esteem and relationship problems. They become so engulfed in their work that it becomes their world. They see work as a way to mask themselves from unwanted feelings. Work will be on their mind 24/7 and I hope that is not the way God intended us to be. Even God rested on the seventh day and enjoyed all his work.

Workaholism can affect your health adversely. It can cause high work related stress, job burn out rates, anger, depression, anxiety and psychosomatic symptoms such as stomach aches and head aches. There are two kinds of workaholics active and passive. Whatever type you may belong keep this in mind there is a higher calling for your life.

If you want to break away from this fog then there is a treatment which is called cognitive behavioral therapy. It identifies and modifies the negative thoughts and thought patterns. There is a support group called as Workaholics Anonymous here is the link to it

Positive thinking, relaxation and meditation such as yoga can help overcome workaholism. You can also bring about small changes to your work environment to enliven your work space. Research has shown that workers who spend long hours under artificial light with no windows were highly dissatisfied with their work. On the other hand workers who had plants and windows in their office environment reported greater job satisfaction.

You can add some greenery to your work space; declutter to increase positive energy flow in your work space. And finally, work is not the end of your life. It is one aspect or dimension of your life. Have you ever heard about the global soap project? It is a non-profit organization founded by Derreck Kayongo and his wife Sarah.

Soap is a luxury for many people living in Asia and Africa. The big thing about this project is that each soap bar which is discarded or left behind in hotels is reborn as a brand new soap bar and it undergoes a pathology test. Once certified it is distributed to pregnant women in poor countries, orphanages and prisons where people need it so badly. 

Now do you understand that work is not the end? You have a higher calling in life and you are very special and unique. Last but not the least do not forget to celebrate your little victories and to be good to yourself.

Take care,

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