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How Does Brown Fat Help to Reduce Obesity

 I sort of know what you think right now? Your thoughts are going by these tracks, why on earth does this Swarnam writes about obesity when I am about to enjoy my lavish Christmas feast? Please bear this in mind that is what all heath writers have born for.

CNN reports that obesity has become a major global crisis. According to a latest report obesity is the leading cause of disabilities around the world. Except for the sub Saharan Africa all other countries experience 82% increase in obesity. And I deeply regret to say this in the Middle Eastern countries the obesity rate is an alarming 100% increase.

The westernized lifestyle which is followed all over the world may be attributed to this. The world has somehow managed to reduce hunger and communicable diseases but the new threat looming over the horizon is obesity and non communicable diseases such as diabetes, stroke and heart disease as a result of this.

Researchers have reduced obesity in mice by manipulating the production of an enzyme called tyrosine protein kinase. This enzyme level is regulated by diet. When tested on humans the level of this enzyme was lower by 50% in obese persons. To make it easier for you these enzymes are associated with fat cells. Researchers have found two types of fat tissues white adipose tissue and brown adipose tissue.

Brown adipose tissue is responsible for energy expenditure to maintain body temperature. The diminished activity of this tissue results in obesity and increases risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The white adipose tissue is responsible for storage of energy. To burn out your energy and to increase the activity of brown adipose tissue you need to exercise.

Scientists say that the old methods of eating less fat and exercising are more effective ways of loosing weight. Even a 5% decrease in weight helps the body a lot. Many popular diets, liquid diets, non prescription weight loss pills and diet foods did not help in weight loss according to the study.

It seems that you should have a structure to your weight loss plan and joining a weight loss programme surely helps. Calorie restriction not only helps to reduce weight but increases your lifespan. Low carbohydrate, low calorie diet also called as ketogenic diet delay effects of aging. It may reduce the likelihood of many forms of cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Scientists found out that psychology also plays an important part in reducing weight gain. Always be positive, stay positive and think positive that your weight loss regimen will be fruitful and that you will slim down. According to researchers this is a crucial part for a successful weight loss schedule.

To conclude say to yourself that it is ok to have regrets and start a new weight loss schedule with proper structure and positive mind set and your goal should be to increase the activity of your brown adipose tissue or brown fat.

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