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Health Concerns About Genetically Modified Foods

Well, I am making myself very clear to you that when I did research about genetically modified foods; my mind was like a clear slate. I did not have any preconceived notions about these foods. All I knew were genetically modified foods come in different colours. Phew!! I was in a complete shock as I further worked on the post.
Genetically modified foods are so called because specific changes are done to their DNA by scientists by using genetic engineering. The changes to their DNA would have been made for faster growth, resistance to pathogens and to increase the nutritional content. Do you know the examples of GM foods? Well, let me tell you. They include salmon, animal feed, golden rice, rape seed, honey, cotton, soybean, sugar cane, tomatoes, corn, sweet corn, canola, potatoes, flax, papaya and squash. The list continues red hearted chicory, cotton seed oil, tobacco, meat, peas, vegetable oil, sugar beets, dairy products and vitamins.

Though there may be many advantages scientists ar…

How to Achieve Healthy Weight Naturally

I have already written about weight issues. But you know what? The process of losing weight and staying slim has become hot topics in the health community. There have been many research studies lately and so, here we go again the merry go round.

A study has found women have to work harder than men to stay slim or lose weight. They have to work 20% more to get the same benefits as men. It seems women should also follow a diet regime to stay fit. Health experts say that the muscle mass and the hormones are to blame.

Aerobic exercises are the best option to lose weight. Aerobic exercises such as walking, running and swimming do wonders to your weight loss programme. It seems that along with these, resistance training which includes weight lifting may help in weight loss by increasing a person’s resting metabolic rate.

Coming to the topic of diets fasting and feasting has become the latest craze among the health conscious. A study reported that you can fast for two days and feast on whatever…

Are Nut Butters Healthy

Nuts can be part of your diet provided your diet should be from different natural sources. Nuts are good for the heart and reduce blood fats. Nuts can be eaten as such or enjoyed in the form of nut butters. Nut butters are made from crushing nuts and can be spread on foods. We will be discussing about the nutrition of few nut butters.

Almond butter; it is rich in monounsaturated fats and contains iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium and manganese. It is also a good source of riboflavin, phosphorous and copper. The monounsaturated fats are so health promoting that they reduce the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. They help to lose weight. Almonds are power houses of protein and increases energy production.

Cashew nut butter contains heart protective monounsaturated fats. It is rich in copper which increases the energy production, the antioxidant activity and good for bones and blood vessels. Eating nuts prevents gallstone formation.

Peanut butter contains monoun…

What is Horse Therapy

Exposure to natural environments can work magic to our health. If you are feeling low just take a walk around the park and you will feel happier and lighter. Therapeutic horseback riding is used to teach riding skills to people with disabilities. This term was originally used in Germany to treat orthopaedic dysfunction. This equine therapy is used to promote emotional growth.

Claire Dorotik writes in the PsychCentral blog that oxytocin is one of the best and healthy social hormones and it is affected positively through human and animal interaction. Increased levels of oxytocin lead to increase in generosity. Horse therapy builds confidence, communication, trust, self-acceptance and impulse control.

I read in a magazine that top managers from various concerns spent time learning to ride horses to develop their interpersonal skills. Therapeutic horse riding is used for children with autism. This therapy increases communication, builds motor skills and social skills of an autistic person. …

What is Cord Blood Banking?

Cord blood banking involves collecting of the blood from within the umbilical cord after the birth of the baby and storing it for future use. Don’t be alarmed by hearing this. The collection process is simple and pain free and is usually done within 10 minutes of giving birth. After collection the cord blood is processed and cryopreserved.

Cryopreservation is the process of cooling cells or whole tissues to sub-zero temperatures. The cord blood banking involves two types public and private banking. The public banking method is supported by the medical community. Here there is no charge and the cord blood is used for future research purposes or for persons who need it. Private cord blood banking involves a fee which is usually high and it can be said as a form of biological insurance.

Okay! So far we saw the banking details now what does cord blood contain? It contains stem cells which are cells found mainly in the bone marrow and it is capable of developing into red  blood cells, white…

Can Artificial Blood From Stem Cells be a Reality?

Scientists from IIT Madras have created red blood cells from stem cells. And you know what? If all goes well according to their plan it can be used in blood transfusions. So what are stem cells? They are biological cells which are found in multicellular organisms. They divide and differentiate into various specialized cells and could self replicate them to produce more cells of their own kind.
Back to our topic, the story of artificial blood can be mind boggling. The two most common types of artificial blood are hemoglobin based oxygen carriers and perflourocarbons. Artificial blood is quite versatile than the real blood. It has long shelf life, does not need refrigeration and above all it does not need to be specifically matched for a particular type.
The researchers say that once the artificial blood’s oxygen carrying capacity is proved the red blood cells will go into mass production before starting human trials in three years time. Interested to know how they did it? The scientists …

Why is Breast Milk so Nutritious?

Have you ever heard about the ship of hope? If not, you are highly recommended to read my posts because they talk about such interesting real life stories along with the required health information. It is the brain child of Sanjoy Hazarika a former correspondent of New York Times. The boats are equipped with laboratories and pharmacies and provide basic health care services including family planning, reproductive health, and children’s health and lab tests. People who live on the vast network of 2,500 plus islands on the Bramhaputra River are benefited by these boats.

Like these unique lives saving boats breast milk is amazingly intricate and it is the primary source of nutrition for the newborns. Breast milk contains all the essential nutrients, antibodies and other factors to promote the growth and development of the newborn. The World Health Organization says that breast milk meets the psychological requirements of the baby and should never be substituted and recommends exclusive b…

Health Hazards of Alcoholism

Alcoholism in its simplest sense can be said as compulsive and uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages. The person who is addicted is least bothered about his health, relationships and social status. Alcohol is obtained through the natural process of fermentation. When a person drinks alcohol it gets absorbed into the blood stream and affects the central nervous system.

An interesting study found that when fly larvae were fed on alcohol spiked food for a period of days they became dependant on it for learning. In short alcoholism can be said as an addictive illness. When a person consumes alcohol for a long period of time it affects his mental health and physical health. Alcohol is so addictive that even a little fly larva depends on it and so, it would do a world of good if you would just walk away from alcohol.
Drinking alcohol can lead to psychiatric disorders and increases the risk of suicide. It causes damage to the central nervous system: the one which receives and integr…

Health Benefits of Asparagus

Got bored with this winter? Surely spring follows winter. One best thing about spring is asparagus, because it is a spring vegetable. Asparagus is high in nutrition and you should definitely consider including it in your diet. I have included a video of how to make lemon sprinkled roasted asparagus shoots hope you enjoy it.
Asparagus is low in calories and has less amounts of sodium. It is a good source of vitamins, proteins and minerals. It is rich in folate, iron and selenium. Exclusively white asparagus is popular in North Western Europe. Now the best way to eat asparagus is to eat it as fresh as possible. It has a very high respiration rate and is more perishable. If you are storing asparagus in a fridge then cover it with a damp paper or wet towel and eat it within 48 hours of your purchase.
As we have discussed earlier asparagus is rich in folate. This substance fights homocysteine which implicates heart disease. Folate is essential for pregnant women for the development of a heal…