Sunday, January 27, 2013

How to Achieve Healthy Weight Naturally

I have already written about weight issues. But you know what? The process of losing weight and staying slim has become hot topics in the health community. There have been many research studies lately and so, here we go again the merry go round.


A study has found women have to work harder than men to stay slim or lose weight. They have to work 20% more to get the same benefits as men. It seems women should also follow a diet regime to stay fit. Health experts say that the muscle mass and the hormones are to blame.


Aerobic exercises are the best option to lose weight. Aerobic exercises such as walking, running and swimming do wonders to your weight loss programme. It seems that along with these, resistance training which includes weight lifting may help in weight loss by increasing a person’s resting metabolic rate.


Coming to the topic of diets fasting and feasting has become the latest craze among the health conscious. A study reported that you can fast for two days and feast on whatever you like for the other five days. The writer goes on to say that for most wild animals feast and famine are the norm. They brag that this diet helps in weight loss, disease resistance and longevity. I have not tried this diet but anyway this sounds interesting.


The other best ways to get slim are respecting the concept of mealtimes and not snacking in-between. Even if you do, go in for low fat snacks such as fruits or veggies. Low fat diet helps you to shed those extra pounds without any form of dieting. Just by going in for low fat foods help you to shed around three and a half pounds. That is a good number I guess!


Now turning to the idea of reducing the belly fat, at a first glance it improves the body image. More than that, it improves blood vessel function. The arteries are able to expand more allowing free blood flow.


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