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Can Sugar Really Heal Wounds

During our family outings, I will be always on tenterhooks and I hope all the mammas around the globe would agree with me. The kids love to run, not just run but with their heads looking high above the heavens. They do not see what is beneath down the earth. Their father yells not to run at the top of his voice, but they run and jump and skip. Then they trip and fall down, hurt the knee and cry and this cycle goes on.


So when I heard about this new research my joy knew no bounds. Daily mail reports that folk medicine from Africa may help to heal the wounds even after antibiotics have failed. The researcher grew up in Zimbabwe and had seen his father using sugar, yes! You got it right, plain white sugar crystals on wounds. This treatment was given to a person who underwent knee amputation and the left leg cavity would not heal effectively.


 Within two weeks of the sugar treatment the wound began to heal quickly. Everyone was pleased, more than that it gave a morale boost to the patient who was already suffering a lot. The sugar treatment so far has been given to 35 patients whose condition has improved a lot when compared with 16 members who did not receive this treatment.


The researcher Moses Murandu who is a senior lecturer in nursing, says that in Africa they would buy sugar from the supermarket and use it on the wounds. But in the hospital it should go through infection control procedures. Sugar is a carbohydrate and has played an important role in charting the history of civilization. It has influenced the formation of colonies, perpetuation of slavery, migration and even wars.


 Indians have been producing sugar since ancient times. You know what? Sugar binds water and reduces the risk of microorganism growth. It draws the water out from the wound into the dressing. Bacteria need water to survive and when the surroundings become dry its growth is affected and this speeds up the healing process.


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