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Health Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

In the UAE a grand festival called the Global Village usually takes place in the winter months. Traders from various countries come and sell their goods. This year in the Greece pavilion, olive oil obtained from trees which are 2000 years old are being sold like hot cakes. This extra virgin oil which is cold pressed is obtained from the seaside town of Ermioni in Greece.


This post is about olive leaf extract and not about olive oil. Just to get your attention I told you the above story. Ha, ha! Well, olive leaf extract has an antioxidant capacity double than that of green tea extract and 400% higher than vitamin C. This finding made the world sit up and take note of olive leaf extract.


Olive tree is mentioned so many times in the Bible. It was also used by the ancient Egyptians. In what was named as twins’ trial scientists found that olive leaf extract lowers cholesterol and blood pressure in patients with mild hypertension.  Oleuropein is the much famed component found in the extract. It has antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral property. It also increases the synthesis of thermogenin a substance which aids in the burning of fat. In other words olive leaf extract helps you to slim down. Now that’s great news!


Earlier I mentioned that olive leaf extract has a great deal of antioxidants. Now these antioxidants fight free radicals. These free radicals cause cell damage and leads to heart disease and cancer. According to the Ameriden Research olive leaf extract has 97 components. My goodness! I believe each of it has some beneficial activity.


The olive leaf extract has so many health benefits. According to Ameriden Research it is useful for blood pressure, cancer, cholesterol, coronary heart disease, cosmetic, diabetic, fever, HIV/AIDS, immune system, influenza, pneumonia and ulcers.


 Further according to the Ameriden research, the original olive leaf extract can be used for a wide range of conditions such as athlete’s foot, bladder and urinary infections, botulism, candida, chicken pox, common cold, sores, cholera, pink eye, ear infections, yeast infections, STD, ring worm, salmonella, nail fungus, measles and so much more.


Olive tree extract along with the olive oil is used in soaps and other skin care products such as creams and lotions. Hope you would give it a try.


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