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Interesting Ethnic Workouts To Increse Your Stamina

Surajkand is a small village nestled in the Aravalli Hills in Haryana, India. The ancient sun temple stood here in AD1000. The villagers used to celebrate a small regional annual fair which has now gone global. People from various parts of the globe and those from SAARC countries participate to showcase their products and culture. A nondescript village has turned into a riot of colors enthralling its people with cultural performances, culinary adventures, and beautiful handicrafts.

The rhythms, sounds, and smells would accelerate your performance. Similarly, ethnic group fitness classes that celebrate diversity add an exciting and fresh dimension to your workouts. Let’s see some interesting ethnic workouts below.

Zumba is a Latin-based dance workout. It blends dance and aerobics. It is an interesting mix of hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, mambo, martial arts and some Bollywood and belly dance moves. The dance workout has different options and is considered safe for all ages. A typical sess…

How to Spring Clean Your Relationships

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Would you keep a 20 year old piece of cheese in your fridge just as it is? You might think Swarnam has gone nuts and in all probability, your answer would be a no. Similarly it would be very helpful if we let go decades old thoughts and beliefs, it will help us turn a new leaf in our lives.

According to Dr Stocchi of Harley Street Psychology, we should challenge outdated beliefs and replace them with newer, more positive ones. People blossom once they have done this. They lose excess weight, improve their diets, have more energy for exercise, their aches and pains just vanish and they literally turn their lives around.

Dominic Knight the man behind the app 14 seconds and who is also an author says if you cut your finger you would put a bandage on it. You won’t simply go on cutting your finger. In the same way if you have a negative experience you just close the door on it. Yo…

How Does Selenium Impact Your Health

A micro idea has become a farming revolution in Rajasthan, an Indian state.A team of farmers and agriculture experts visited Israel, to study the technical feasibility and economic viability of growing olives in the desert. According to their recommendation, a pilot project was initiated by the government. Today the tiny project has become a roaring success, and has turned the desert state into an olive oasis.

I can very well read your thoughts; she talks about olives, deserts and oasis and nothing about selenium. Oh! Please be patient and read on. Selenium is a micro mineral meaning it is required in very small amounts by the body. Though it is a micro mineral it has a major influence on the body. Hope you got the link from our introduction.
Selenium prevents oxidative stress by working together with vitamins E, C, B3 and glutathione. Now, this oxidative stress is a very dangerous thing because it can cause blood vessel damage and rheumatoid arthritis. If the diet is deficient in selen…

How Does Serotonin Enhance Your Health

I feel these scientists have a very interesting life.You know why? They have tagged a protein which regulates serotonin with tiny fluorescent beads, so they can track the movements of these single molecules. Long scientific thriller cut short, these beads emit coloured light. When illuminated they show up under a microscope as coloured points of light. Interesting is it not?

Okay! Basically what is serotonin? It can be called as the happiness hormone. Serotonin gives a sense of wellbeing and happiness. It is a neurotransmitter. To put it in a more interesting manner, it acts like a radio tower conveying signals among cells called neurons.Approximately 40 million brain cells are influenced either directly or indirectly by this serotonin.

Serotonin is made by a unique biochemical process. Tryptophan is essential in the formation of serotonin. A diet rich in meat,beef, chicken, turkey, dairy foods, tuna, soya beans, bananas and nuts can increase the level of tryptophan in the body .Can yo…

Top Green Foods to Spring Clean the Body

I had the privilege to read about Penny Hughes who was the youngest president of Coco-Cola in the UK and Ireland. She talks about the special qualities that made her what she is today. She has become one of the Britain’s top female non-executive directors and basically works from home.

She says she can bring a different perspective to a matter altogether. She is not shaped by what’s happened but by what’s possible. Penny believes that flexibility in working options and valuing success in terms of a rounded life, not just in terms of money, status or power is the future.

Now you might wonder why this Swarnam is talking like a priest. You know what? Just apply Penny’s perspective to your work scenario and see the health benefits sprouting out of it. Okay! Let’s discuss our topic.

Registered US dietician Kari Koori advises five green powerhouse foods to spring clean the body. They are asparagus, avocado, Brussels sprouts, kale and kiwi. Well, let us deal with all these in a detailed manner…

Is It Safe To Cook Food In Microwave Oven

Microwave cooking does not support healthy cooking practices. On reading that, I felt really confused and decided to find out the hidden truth. If you are intrigued then hang on, so basically what are microwaves?

Microwaves are electromagnetic waves similar to radio waves and they oscillate much faster to cook food. They affect positively and negatively charged water molecules. You know what? I mixed in the readymade cake mix along with eggs and oil and baked a cake. More than baking I was bragging about my cooking skills and made my kids do some extra homework in return for an extra piece of cake. But as it turned out the cake was a complete disaster.

Microwaves can cause biological changes at normal levels. According to a Trent University study 2.4 GHz of microwaves can affect the heart. There are also reports saying this frequency increases the blood sugar levels in susceptible persons. Oh! My dear friends please be careful!

For heaven’s sake don’t cook broccoli in your microwave oven…

What Are Organic Foods

Organic farming may be said as a desire to attempt to create foods that are as pristine as those, that were found in the Garden of Eden. Oh! No this is my own definition. Wikipedia says that organic farming utilises techniques such as crop rotation, green manure, compost and biological pest control as its farming practices. Things such as synthetic fertilizers, growth regulators, hormones and genetic modification techniques are simply not used in organic farming. To explain this I would like to give you an example. An organic farm in UAE has sunflowers all around its periphery and green parrots feed on these flowers and also on other pests. They are all a part of ecosystem.

The farmers rear peacocks which relish the scorpions found in the farm. They grow friendly insects and release it in the farm and greenhouses. Some yellow sheets are hanged on the green houses which has the organic glue. The smell attracts male insects and kills them. In this way their propagation is controlled. The…

The Upside and Flipside of Vitamin D

By now you would have heard this piece of story. Michelle Obama's Let’s Move Active Schools starts with a website where people can sign up to get started. If you are a student then be aware that exercise improves academic performance. Exercising three times a week improves the quality of life for overweight people with type 2 diabetes.

Now instead of doing your exercise indoors it would be a double benefit if you do it in the sunshine. Because you increase your vitamin D reserves in the body. 80to 90% of vitamin D is obtained from the sun. Some foodstuffs such as cod liver oil, fish, fortified cereals, oysters, tofu, soy milk, salami, eggs and mushroom do contain this vitamin. If you are a working mum and seemed to be bothered about all these stuff. Then be rest assured that two cups of milk per day is enough to maintain adequate vitamin D levels while also maintaining iron stores for your kid.

This vitamin strengthens bones, increases immunity and is very e…