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Is It Safe To Cook Food In Microwave Oven

Microwave cooking does not support healthy cooking practices. On reading that, I felt really confused and decided to find out the hidden truth. If you are intrigued then hang on, so basically what are microwaves?


Microwaves are electromagnetic waves similar to radio waves and they oscillate much faster to cook food. They affect positively and negatively charged water molecules. You know what? I mixed in the readymade cake mix along with eggs and oil and baked a cake. More than baking I was bragging about my cooking skills and made my kids do some extra homework in return for an extra piece of cake. But as it turned out the cake was a complete disaster.


Microwaves can cause biological changes at normal levels. According to a Trent University study 2.4 GHz of microwaves can affect the heart. There are also reports saying this frequency increases the blood sugar levels in susceptible persons. Oh! My dear friends please be careful!


For heaven’s sake don’t cook broccoli in your microwave oven. A study found that microwaved broccoli loses up to 97% of beneficial antioxidants and the phenolic content was also affected. Asparagus loses vitamin C , garlic loses allinase a cancer fighting compound and milk loses 30 to 40% of vitamin B12, if you microwave them. Breast milk loses its important disease fighting agents that increases the immunity of the baby.


According to Mike Adams of Natural microwave energy destroys carotenoids, antioxidants and other healthy molecules in food. Microwaved food is molecularly deconstructed leaving nothing but only empty calories. The vitamin and phytonutrient content of food has been destroyed. He adds that if you see microwaved food under a powerful microscope it will be a nutrient waste land.


As I was doing my research I felt some were strongly against the use of microwave oven while others said it was healthy. I am not going to end my post without a conclusion. The nutrients in food increase our immunity and protect us from various diseases. So if they are lost what is the benefit we are going to get by eating microwaved foods?


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