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Top Green Foods to Spring Clean the Body

I had the privilege to read about Penny Hughes who was the youngest president of Coco-Cola in the UK and Ireland. She talks about the special qualities that made her what she is today. She has become one of the Britain’s top female non-executive directors and basically works from home.

She says she can bring a different perspective to a matter altogether. She is not shaped by what’s happened but by what’s possible. Penny believes that flexibility in working options and valuing success in terms of a rounded life, not just in terms of money, status or power is the future.

Now you might wonder why this Swarnam is talking like a priest. You know what? Just apply Penny’s perspective to your work scenario and see the health benefits sprouting out of it. Okay! Let’s discuss our topic.

Registered US dietician Kari Koori advises five green powerhouse foods to spring clean the body. They are asparagus, avocado, Brussels sprouts, kale and kiwi. Well, let us deal with all these in a detailed manner.

Asparagus- it provides anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant nutrients. Now these nutrients reduce type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and some cancers. It helps in digestion because of its inulin content. The inulin indirectly helps in better nutrient absorption. Asparagus enhances heart health and regulates blood sugar levels.

Avocado- it improves health and provides nourishment for the body. It has a wide range of anti-inflammatory benefits. They are very good for people suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Avocadoes contain oleic acid that optimizes the absorption of carotenoids. Now these carotenoids support cardiovascular health, helps in blood sugar regulation and have anti-cancer benefits.

Brussels sprouts- the best way to cook these is by steaming. They help in DNA protection. The glucosinolates in Brussels sprouts protects against cancer. It helps in detox support. The antioxidants and vitamins present protects against unwanted inflammation which is a risk factor for many of the cancers.

My dear folks you should be careful about environmental toxins, over use of prescription drugs, over the counter medication, lack of exercise, lack of sleep and low quality diet. All these may lead to terrible diseases because of unwanted inflammation. Now the Brussels sprout is God send and protects against all these dangers.

Kale- steaming is the best way to cook it. Raw kale reduces cholesterol. Kale reduces the risk of bladder, breast, colon, ovary and prostate cancer. It helps to detox at genetic level. It reduces chronic inflammation and oxidative stress. It promotes heart health.

Kiwi – the phytonutrients present in kiwi protects DNA. It is an excellent source of vitamin C and protects against cancer. It reduces the severity of arthritis. Kiwi helps to reduce the harmful effects of asthma, colon cancer, atherosclerosis and diabetic heart disease.  The fibre is good for the blood sugar levels, cardiovascular and colon health. Kiwi protects against asthma and age related vision loss.

Hope you would include all these in your diet.

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