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What Does Healthy Lifestyle And Your Value System Have In Common (Reebok Up to 50% Offer)

Meet Jessica Cox a girl who was born without arms. But don’t ever feel sad for her because she can fly a plane, is a black belt in karate, learning to surf and is happily married to her sweetheart and can’t wait to expand her nest. Stories like these do pepper our mundaneeveryday life. Doesn’t it? Wondering this Swarnam talk high and mighty and today what she is up to?

See, the best thing you can do for yourself is to believe in yourself. A research on diet, exercise and personality type found that people who believed that their life can be changed by their own actions ate healthier food, exercised more, smoked less and avoided binge drinking. The study also found that those who believed in luck or fate led unhealthy lifestyles.

Leading a healthy lifestyle can add years to your life chart. It was found that it added five more years to women and six more years to men respectively. Healthy lifestyle behavior reduces the risk of hypertension. And according to WHO high blood pressure cause…

What Is It So Healthy About Mushrooms

My birth country is a tropical land and after the heavy rains you see mushrooms growing on the wet logs. We kids used to collect it and have lots of fun. Oh! Those good old days! In 1840 the English botanist George Gardner found a group of boys playing with a glowing object. To his surprise he found a species of mushrooms that actually glows in the dark. They are the luminescent mushrooms.

We hear so many things from Boston these days. A group of researchers from BostonUniversity have found that eating mushrooms with vitamin D2 can effectively increase and maintain vitamin D levels. It equals the benefits of taking the vitamin D supplement. Mushrooms are low in calories and are a good source of vitamin B such as riboflavin, niacin, panthothenic acid. They also host minerals such as selenium, copper and potassium. So where this vitamin D does comes from?

Mushrooms consist of natural ergosterols. When they are exposed to ultraviolet light the ergosterols produce vitamin D2. This vitamin …

What Are The Health Benefits Of Gardening

Google has put up a nice picture for the Earth day. Surely you would have seen it. I read about this amazing woman named Deena Motiwalla, who turned her villa in the desert into a green oasis. She has pots of roses in red, white and pink; multicolored geraniums, violas and a variety of flowering cacti. An English teacher started a small desert school garden which grew tomatoes, lettuce, green beans, basil, parsley, mint, coriander, okra and chilies. And they started supplying to the school canteen. Now just stop and say Wow!

Wondering why Swarnam writes all the names of plants she knows? A recent study found that community gardens produce more than veggies. They enhance the health of the people by lowering their body mass index and lower the odds of being overweight or obese. The term community gardens is more popular in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It is a large land where the community comes to garden. I hope this trend catches up in other cities, so that people can hav…

Can Your Heartbeat Foretell Your Future Lifespan

Well, there may be times when your heart had missed a beat or raced faster than Michael Johnson. This could have happened because you would have met the person of your dreams, or you would have got your dream job, or came face to face with your dreaded maths professor after you flunked the test. But I am going to talk about a different heart beat rate that you should consider seriously.

Scientists have found that higher the resting heart rate, higher the risk of death irrespective of a person’s fitness level. So what is resting heart rate? Heart rate is the number of heart beats per minute. For adults the normal resting heart rate may range from 60 to 100 beats per minute. If you have a lower heart rate at rest, then you can be rest assured that your heart is working efficiently and your cardiovascular health is great. If not, then be little more careful.

If a person has low levels of physical fitness, high blood pressure, obesity and high level of fats in blood then he may have a high …

Why Should You Get a Good Night's Rest

Do you know why they sing lullabies? Science has figured it all out for you. When we play sounds that synchronizes to the rhythm of the slow brain oscillations of people who are sleeping, it improves the quality of sleep and enhances memory.   
Here comes terrifying news to startle you out of your sleep. People with sleep apnea are more likely to fail a driving stimulator test and they nod off while driving.  A study in 2012 found women with sleep apnea have higher degree of brain damage than men. Sleep apnea is a common disorder which produces one or more pauses while sleeping. It results in disturbed poor quality of sleep. If you suspect you have this problem, better get a medical advice.

Sleep is essential because it results in growth and rejuvenation of the body. You should get proper sleep because the lack of it affects learning and memory, sleep deprivation causes weight gain, it results in irritable mood and affects cardiovascular health and immune function.

Harvard scientists adv…

Have You Heard About Fruit Juice Infused Low Fat Chocolate

A new diet by name ‘Over Night diet’ promises to help you lose two pounds overnight. Dr. Caroline who authored this book says that users do six days of high protein diet and one day of liquid diet. All these combined with sleep equals weight loss. But there are opposing voices to this diet. Keith Ayoob a top nutritionist says it was possible to lose two pounds overnight, but it won’t be fat, it would mostly be water.

You know what? This blog is all about positive energy and so, I am going to tell you about a new research find, which would make your heart jump with joy. I know that’s a bit of exaggeration. Way back in 2012 scientists said they have found a true fruity chocolate. They removed 50% of the fat content from the chocolate and replaced it with fruit juice.

Now how did they do it? The chemists took out much of cocoa butter and milk fats that are used to make chocolate and infused it with tiny drops of orange and cranberry juice. This juice is called the Pickering emulsion. This …

Can Creativity Increase Your Life Span

A goggle eyed dog with a fluffy mane by name Seamus- a scruffy glove puppet brought comfort and a smile to kids living in war zones and disaster zones. The little puppet created a small happy haven for kids from South Sudan to Afghanistan and Somalia to Angola, in floods, famines and refugee camps. This happy puppet was the creative brainchild of John McGlade who runs a Charity Organisation.

Creativity can make you think out of the box. It improves your quality of life and has a profound influence on your health. Writing this blog helped me to become better informed in various ways. A research study found that creative activity helps people to stay healthy. Creativeness is non-routine, enjoyable and provides an opportunity for learning and solving problems. The study points out that people, whether paid or not for their creative work feel healthy and have fewer physical problems.

I guess Google, Facebook and Twitter the three wonders of the technological world were the result of thinkin…

So What Are Shirataki Zero Calorie Noodles

I usually try out new dishes with deliciously disastrous results. But this time luck favoured me and it turned out just fine. Curious to find more about It. Well I named it broccoli fried rice. All you have to do is just add a little amount of oil to a heavy bottomed vessel. Then add a cup of broccoli florets and half a cup of grated carrot and florets of cauliflower each. Stir fry it adding a little pepper powder. When they are fried well mix it with white fluffy rice. Add some more pepper powder and salt. You can throw in some coriander leaves or parsley leaves to give your dish a grand finale.

The tectonic plates of the health world are always shifting. And this time it has moved towards zero calorie noodles. These are otherwise called as Shirataki noodles. They have their origins from Japan. Now sit tight and let me explain a bit more. These have no fat, no sugar, and no taste and have a slightly fishy smell. They are thin, translucent and gelatinous and are prepared from elephant…