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Can Creativity Increase Your Life Span

A goggle eyed dog with a fluffy mane by name Seamus- a scruffy glove puppet brought comfort and a smile to kids living in war zones and disaster zones. The little puppet created a small happy haven for kids from South Sudan to Afghanistan and Somalia to Angola, in floods, famines and refugee camps. This happy puppet was the creative brainchild of John McGlade who runs a Charity Organisation.

Creativity can make you think out of the box. It improves your quality of life and has a profound influence on your health. Writing this blog helped me to become better informed in various ways. A research study found that creative activity helps people to stay healthy. Creativeness is non-routine, enjoyable and provides an opportunity for learning and solving problems. The study points out that people, whether paid or not for their creative work feel healthy and have fewer physical problems.

 I guess Google, Facebook and Twitter the three wonders of the technological world were the result of thinking outside the box. Whether you hit it big time as them or you end up as a small time blogger like me the end result is improved health and a contented state of mind. Do you know one thing? Creativity is a highly sought after skill.

Another study found out that creative thinking lowers stress and enhances the ability of the brain to keep it healthy. This is what they say investing in yourself. The researchers believe that creativity, encourages health and promotes the neural networks in the brain. The white matter in the brain aids the connections between the neurons in different positions of the brain. When you start exercising the brain by being creative, it strengthens the neural networks and results in a long and healthy life.

In what was called as the longevity project, which spanned over two decades, scientists found participants who were the most cheerful and had best sense of humor as kids lived shorter lives than who were less cheerful and joking. It was the prudent and persistent kids who went up to stay the healthiest and lived the longest. Do you get my point? It is not your characteristic that helps you live longer. It is how you exercise your brain and that means by being creative.

A study found that music, arts, dance and expressive writing can increase health and wellness. Creative engagement has significantly positive effects on health. And may I advise you one thing? Just sit down, leaving behind your heavy schedule and start your long forgotten hobby. You will be thankful you read this post.

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