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So What Are Shirataki Zero Calorie Noodles

I usually try out new dishes with deliciously disastrous results. But this time luck favoured me and it turned out just fine. Curious to find more about It. Well I named it broccoli fried rice. All you have to do is just add a little amount of oil to a heavy bottomed vessel. Then add a cup of broccoli florets and half a cup of grated carrot and florets of cauliflower each.  Stir fry it adding a little pepper powder. When they are fried well mix it with white fluffy rice. Add some more pepper powder and salt. You can throw in some coriander leaves or parsley leaves to give your dish a grand finale.


The tectonic plates of the health world are always shifting. And this time it has moved towards zero calorie noodles. These are otherwise called as Shirataki noodles. They have their origins from Japan. Now sit tight and let me explain a bit more. These have no fat, no sugar, and no taste and have a slightly fishy smell. They are thin, translucent and gelatinous and are prepared from elephant yam. Shiratiki in Japanese means white water fall. The tubers are processed into a product called glucomannan flour. Products containing this flour are used as nutritional supplements. It is believed that glucomannan is used for constipation, obesity, high cholesterol, acne vulgaris and type 2 diabetes.


Some of these products are authorized by Health Canada for the purpose of appetite reduction, weight management and treatment of constipation and management of high cholesterol levels. So it is not rocket science for us to understand that the noodles would provide all these health benefits. The Shirataki noodles are composed of water and glucomannan a water soluble dietary fibre. It seems that they contain 96% water and 4% glucomannan fibre. So they give you the fullness without calories that sounds good!

You can find these noodles in Asian markets. They are sold in wet and dry forms. Now there are also tofu based Shirataki noodles. This contains a wee bit of carbohydrates and has additional benefits of protein and calcium. Tofu is also considered high in iron, selenium and omega 3 fatty acids. If you are interested to try this out you can find a delicious new recipe in the youtube video .


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