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What Does Healthy Lifestyle And Your Value System Have In Common (Reebok Up to 50% Offer)

Meet Jessica Cox a girl who was born without arms. But don’t ever feel sad for her because she can fly a plane, is a black belt in karate, learning to surf and is happily married to her sweetheart and can’t wait to expand her nest. Stories like these do pepper our mundane everyday life. Doesn’t it? Wondering this Swarnam talk high and mighty and today what she is up to?

See, the best thing you can do for yourself is to believe in yourself. A research on diet, exercise and personality type found that people who believed that their life can be changed by their own actions ate healthier food, exercised more, smoked less and avoided binge drinking. The study also found that those who believed in luck or fate led unhealthy lifestyles.

Leading a healthy lifestyle can add years to your life chart. It was found that it added five more years to women and six more years to men respectively. Healthy lifestyle behavior reduces the risk of hypertension. And according to WHO high blood pressure causes over a million deaths and is the leading cause of mortality in the World.

Now what is healthy lifestyle? It is the practice of eating vegetables and fruits, drinking lots of water, exercising, saying no to cigarettes and alcohol and altogether a positive way of living and thinking. This way of life expands your horizons both mentally and physically.

Harvard University researchers say that exercise helps you to have a healthy heart, keeps your brain sharp, controls your blood sugar levels, reduces cancer risk and keeps you strong and mobile. Above all a healthy lifestyle will keep you happy and increase your productivity to do more good for mankind. 

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