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A Breakthrough - Antibiotics Can Cure Backpain

Do you suffer from chronic back pain? If your answer is yes, then sit tight this post may be your godsend. A recent study found that 40% of chronic back pain could be caused by bacteria. Some people may suffer from pain in their lower back caused by herniated bulging discs and swelling in the spine.
Mayoclinic says that herniated discs mean the problem with the rubbery cushions, between the individual bones that make up your spine. This condition occurs when the soft jelly pushes out through a crack in the tough bone exterior. This may irritate nearby nerves and result in pain and numbness.
Some bacteria such as the P. acnes which reside on the skin get into our blood stream. These bacteria hate oxygen rich environment and does not colonize inside our body. The spine does not have lots of oxygen when the disc gets damaged, blood vessels sprout into it. The bacterium moves in and settles down. There they flourish and spit out chemicals and acid. The acid corrodes the bone near the disc…

Calcium Increases Lifespan in Women

Calcium the wonder mineral can help women live longer. That is so nice to hear is it not? Researchers have found that taking calcium supplements of up to 1000mg per day increases the lifespan of women.

You can get the 1000mg of calcium either from dairy foods, non dairy foods or supplements. The source of calcium does not affect the longevity benefit associated with calcium. The study shows that taking calcium supplements lowers the risk of death by 22% over a 10 year period, on comparison with women who do not take supplements daily.

To give you some idea of calcium rich sources, it is found in milk, yogurt, cheese, kale, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, breads, pasta and tofu. You can go in for calcium supplements upon your doctor’s advice. Insufficient amounts of calcium in the body may lead to reduced bone mass which increases the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Calcium has some important functions in the body. It is stored in bones and teeth and supports the structure and hard…

Top Tips To Delay Ageing of Brain

This blog is all about spreading positive vibrations. I read about life coach Aravind Devalia’s six key rules which give you a 20/20 vision to move forward in your life. The key rules are stop wasting time, stop collecting clutter, stop being miserable, stop wasting money, stop abusing your body and stop ignoring key people in your life.

You know what? These six keyrules are invisibly connected to our topic.  Wikipedia says that ageing involves physical, chemical, biological and psychological changes. This occurs to our brain as it sails near its dusk. MRI studies have found that as the brain ages there is decrease in cerebral volume.

There may be many causes that lead to ageing of brain. Out of these oxidative stress can also be blamed. When compared to other tissues the brain is unusually sensitive to oxidative damage. A new study has found that cigarette smoking and excessive alcohol consumption expose the brain to large amounts of free radicals. These free oxidative radicals injure…

Can Fish Oil Help You To Become Slim

I read an amazing fact about fats by Stephanie Karl, a nutritionist. She says you get good fats from eggs, nuts, avocado, butter, cheese, coconut, nut oils, coconut oil, olive oil and flax seed oil. She advises to avoid all trans fats from processed food corn, soy, safflower, sunflower oil and margarine. Hope you got my point.

Coming back to fish oils, it is derived from tissues of oily fish. It contains omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Science has found that high fat diets could disrupt new nerve cell formation in the brain. Let me explain this process more clearly.
When you eat high fat diet inflammatory molecules called triglycerides are increased in the blood stream. They prevent hormones from passing into the brain. Now these hormones are secreted from body tissues, they protect neurons and stimulate nerve cell growth.
In animal studies scientists found that omega 3 restores the normal functioning of the neurons by suppressing the production and activity of these triglycerides. The…

What is so Healthy About Papayas

I still remember tall papaya trees growing in my backyard with ripe papayas waiting to be savored. My mother used to scoop out the papaya flesh sprinkle some sugar and ice over it. It tastes heavenly on a warm summer afternoon. Papaya was called as the fruit of the angels by Christopher Columbus.

The angelic fruit not only tastes good but is also quite healthy. It is an excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of vitamin A and vitamin E. It is also rich in fiber and folic acid. It promotes health by protecting against heart diseases, increases digestive health, has anti-inflammatory benefits and supports the immune system. Papaya protects against age related macular degeneration. A combination of green tea and papaya keeps prostate cancer at bay.

The leaves, seeds and milk of the papaya tree are used to treat intestinal worms. Sound amazing is it not? Raw papaya ensures regularising menstrual irregularities. It alleviates irritable bowl syndrome. It is good for stomach ulcers an…

Can Cinnamon Cause Liver Damage

Before I start to scare you about cinnamon, let me tell you that cinnamon was a highly prized commodity in ancient times. It was deemed fit for kings and gods. It is a native to Bangladesh, Srilanka, Malabar Coast of India and Burma. It found its way into the Western world through the Arab traders, Venetian traders, Portuguese and Dutch traders.

A recent research has found that two compounds found in cinnamon cinnamaldehyde and epicatechin show promise to fight against the Alzheimer's disease. According to the researchers these compounds prevent the tangles formed in the brain which characterizes Alzheimer's disease. You know what? I updated this post with the latest information on cinnamon. Now back to our topic.
There are two types of cinnamon available. One is the true or Ceylon cinnamon and the other is dried cassia bark or cassia cinnamon. Now you might wonder, she writes about the history, latest information, the varieties and what does she actually want to say about? Cou…

Why Should You Wear Sunglasses - Become a Warby Parker affiliate and enjoy great income opportunities

So far I was thinking that sunglasses are a fashion statement that should only be worn by Hollywood or Bollywood stars. They wear such big glasses, give a nice big smile, wave at the crowd and disappear in thin air. But the husband told me such a scary story about a colleague, who nearly lost his sight because of not wearing sunglasses. This made me do a little study about sunglasses. Here are the details.

Sunglasses or sun cheaters protect your eyes from bright sunlight and high energy visible light. Do you know that even prehistoric people wore sun glasses? The Inuit people wore flattened walrus ivory glasses. When exposed to sunlight the eyes suffer badly. It may cause sunburn of the eye which can lead to loss of vision for 48 hours.  The Surfer’s eye is a condition which causes benign growth on eye surface which can itch, swell or become irritable. The consequences of not wearing sunglasses can also lead to cataracts, age related macular degeneration and cancer of the eye and eyelid.

What Are Bioabsorbable Zinc Stents

Have you heard about the Jaipur Foot? It is the World’s largest organization for the disabled. Jaipur foot is rubber based prosthetic leg for people who have undergone below knee amputations. The main goal of the organization is to help the disabled regain mobility and dignity by fitting artificial limbs free of charge. If you want to know more about it here is the link

A little smile, a little kind deed may make the other person to flourish and you may never know it. You know what? Sometimes Swarnam goes nuts and talks like this. Yesterday I read about this research on zinc stent. What is a stent you may wonder? It is a small mesh like tube which is used to treat narrow or weak arteries. An angioplasty is performed to place the stent in the artery.  It restores blood flow through narrow or blocked arteries.

Six months after the stent is placed. The arteries get healed and the stent remains there for life. The long time span may cause some side effects such as…