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How to make your kid a class topper

Ssshhh! I am going to tell you a secret about raising smart, happy and intelligent kids. It is not my made-up story. These are time tested and scientific facts. Sit tight and listen carefully!
Researchers have found that breastfed babies have very good chances of climbing the social ladder and have very little chances of downward mobility. It seems breastfeeding enhances brain development and makes the kids smarter. The breast fed infants had a cool head and showed little signs of stress. Breast feeding promotes the skin to skin contact and the mother’s milk is loaded with nature’s goodness. So the scientists say that these factors ensure that the kids are smart, calm and collected and climb up the social ladder efficiently.

Kids who have good command over the language excel in studies. Researchers say that parents should talk with their children and give them clues about words. This will help the kids develop deep knowledge in vocabulary. If you want your children to excel in science, …

Top Tips To Be Safe This Summer

I live in a desert country and the summer months are cruelly hot. I read in the news that temperature in the remote parts of the desert has reached 48degree Celsius. However my little daughter hardly knows this. Her whole world is air-conditioned that some kids in her class even wear sweaters. The other day I was teaching her about the different seasons. I asked her “What do people wear in summer?” she quickly answered “woolen clothes”. It took some seconds for me to make a connection. Have you guessed it?

Summer time can be enjoyable if you take some precautionary measures. In this post we will deal with eight things that you should be aware of.
Swimmers ear- summer time is for splashing around. This condition is mainly caused because water enters the ear while swimming. It creates a moist atmosphere which encourages bacterial growth. This infection is caused in the outer ear canal. Always wear a protective gear when you step inside the water.

Sunburn- they are the first degree burns w…

What's so special about sleep

The other day we went to our daughter’s open house to meet her teacher. We were the next in the row, and the teacher was quite angry with the parents whom she was talking.
Teacher; "Your kid falls asleep in class often; at what time does he go to bed?"
Father; "11; 00 clock"
Teacher; "So late? What does he do till 11 o clock?"
Father; "watch cartoons."
Teacher; "at what time do you wake him up?"
Mother; "6; 00 clock"
I was shocked to hear this because I have known proper restful sleep increases the efficiency of the brain. A new research study has found that the quality of wakefulness affects how quickly a person drifts off to sleep. The study points out that the quality of experiences before bedtime influence sleepiness. At this juncture, I would like to tell you an interesting fact. Seals sleep with only half of their brain at a time which is biologically unusual.

The scientists studied three groups of mice. They allowed one group …

Good News For All Breast Cancer Patients

Now there is this interesting story which you must know. This is the time of the year that poachers in Goa carrying torches and bags, venture into the open to hunt for frogs for their meaty hind legs. The Indian bullfrog has been renamed as jumping chicken in Goa. But the forest department has warned eating frogs could cause cancers, paralytic strokes, kidney failure and other deformities.

Moving on to our topic, a drug used to treat osteoporosis has shown to stop the growth of breast cancer, even the resistant ones. The name of the drug is bazedoxifene and this drug has been approved by the European Union. Before I start to talk, let me tell you what is meant by estrogen and estrogen receptor.

Dr. Ananya Mandal explains that estrogens are steroid compounds that are important for the development and functioning of the female species. They are primarily produced by ovaries. Estrogen receptors are a group of proteins which are inside cells. They are activated by estrogen hormone.
Hope you …

Can Healthy Diet Increase The Lifespan of People Suffering From Prostate Cancer

This is bit shocking news. Science Daily says that nearly 2.5 million men in US are suffering from prostate cancer. Another quarter million will be added this year. It is said that one in six men living in US will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their life time. The statistics points to US we do not have sufficient data for the rest of the world.

Now what is prostate cancer? It is the cancer which develops in the tissues of prostate, a gland found in male reproductive system. These cancers mostly grow slowly and mainly affect older men. Genetics and diet play a role in the development of this disease. We are going to deal with diet in this post. Some studies say high meat consumption is a higher risk factor. Low levels of vitamin D in blood can also increase the risk of prostate cancer.

A new study has found that by making simple healthy changes to the diet, people suffering from prostate cancer can increase their lifespan. Curious to know more about it let me tell you. Fats o…

Lead Poisoning Can Trigger Schizophrenia

An article called “The killing mines” by Matteo Fagotto made me think. He reports that the gold miners in northern Nigeria are caught in a cruel paradox, to provide food for their family they have to keep on mining the very activity that is killing their children. In March 2010 an epidemic of Lead poisoning swept through Zamfara which took away 400 innocent little lives with it. This is due to gold mining and processing. If you want to know more about it just click the you tube video below.

When lead continues to build up in the body over a long period of time, say months or years it can lead to lead poisoning. Lead even in smaller amounts can cause serious harm to our body. Scientists have found that lead acts to trigger schizophrenia. When mice engineered with human gene for schizophrenia were exposed to lead during their early life, they exhibited behaviors and changes in brain structure similar to those of schizophrenia.

Earlier research studies pinpointed a connection between pren…