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How to get a healthy and radiant skin

A healthy and a glowing skin can get many admiring glances your way. Protecting and pampering your skin this summer does a world of good to your health. The skin holds the ‘You’ within and says a lot about you.

Protect your skin

The first thing you should be wary about the skin is the skin cancer. Whenever you venture out cover yourself fully with light, breezy garments wear nice hats and don’t ever forget your coolers. Apply sunscreen and seek shade to minimize sun burn. Avoid tanning beds at all costs because they may lead to wrinkling, age spots and result in skin cancer.

Pamper your skin

Constantly keep yourself hydrated by drinking sufficient quantities of water. A duly hydrated skin is soft and supple and glows with health. Proper hydration reduces wrinkles. Never ever over wash your face and limit your bath time because it removes the natural oils present in your skin. Always use mild and gentle cleansing agents. Use warm water for a quick healthy bath. You should pat dry your skin and moisturize it regularly to make it more radiant. Let me tell you secret, sunflower seed oil is good for the skin. You can buy lotions which contain this oil.

Prevent harming your skin

The worst thing that harms the skin is smoking. It narrows down blood vessels which results in decreased blood flow. This causes reduced supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Smoking causes wrinkles and premature ageing of skin and affects the skin health drastically. Excessive consumption of alcohol can affect the skin. Alcohol along with caffeinated drinks like coffee and soda depletes the vital skin nutrients and makes it appear dull and lifeless. It increases the severity of certain health conditions such as rosacea and psoriasis. The other factor that harms the skin is uncontrolled stress. It can make the skin more sensitive and trigger acne breakout.

Proper nutrition

Eating a healthy diet increases the amount of beneficial nutrients to the skin and keeps it refreshed and new. Silica a trace mineral strengthens the body and connective tissue. It is found in leeks, green beans and strawberries to name a few. Dry inflamed skin leads to white heads and black heads. It is good if you add omega 3 in your diet.  omega 3 is found in salmon, Chia seeds and flax seeds.

Selenium improves tissue elasticity. Including 3-4 Brazil nuts a day provides adequate selenium. Vitamins such as C, E and A are highly efficient in reducing free radical damage and helps the skin to retain its youthfulness.

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