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How To Make Your Kids Eat Their Veggies

Aha ha its summer holidays! And I have somehow managed to send the kids to summer camp. Well, the holidays can become a wonderful bridging opportunity to engrave some healthy practices in the young minds. So here we go folks.

Most children except for some angelic ones do not eat their veggies. Do you agree with me on that? Scientists say that teaching children about nutrition at an early age can do the trick. We should talk to youngsters about the health benefits of consuming a variety of colorful foods. This helps them to acquire an interest in nutrition and healthy eating patterns.

My late aunt predicted that one day I would talk to people about nutrition. Anybody fancy guessing why? It seems that I used to make colorful salads when I was a kid and this used to be my favorite pass time. Coming back to our topic researchers read nutrition books during snack time for a group of preschool students.

The end result these children doubled their voluntary intake of vegetables. The other kids who were not read out nutrition books continued the earlier eating habits. You could increase the amount of vegetables in the first course of your kids’ lunch. This would be a smart way to ensure that the vegetables enter their stomach.

 Kids of snack restrictive parents jumped on every opportunity to eat more unhealthy foods when not spied by their parents. Children with less snack restrictive parents were not that greedy. So the researchers go on to say that you should be a little easier going with your kids to help them make smart choices.

Family meal times not only ensure strong bonds but also healthy food habits. Children whose families spent less time eating meals together or interacting with each other ate more potato chips than other kids when given something to snack on. Parents can instill life long habits in kids by providing them with fruits for snacks and serving vegetables for dinner.

I hope you would utilize all these golden moments with your kids by reading some good nutrition books and improving their health quotient. 

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