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Nutritional Benefits Of Wheatgrass You Should Know

I was merely going through a supplement from a pharmacy of which they highly talked about wheatgrass, as if it fell straight from God’s hands to work magic in your life. Feeling a little curious I did a study about wheatgrass. Here are the facts and details about it.

What is wheatgrass?

It is a nutrient rich grass produced from common wheat. It is allowed to grow a little longer than malt and has nutrients such as chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, enzymes and vitamins. To be specific it contains vitamins A, C and E, iron, calcium, magnesium and amino acids. It comes to your doorstep in a variety of forms.

What are the nutritional benefits of wheatgrass juice?
1.    It improves blood glucose levels

2.    Increases the production of hemoglobin

3.    Keeps tooth decay at bay

4.    Assists in wound healing because it posses beneficial enzymes

5.    Fights against bacterial infections

6.    Is believed to be a powerful detoxifier and removes carcinogens from the body

7.    Helps to remove toxins from the liver and blood

8.    Can be a beauty tonic because it prevents gray hair, soothes sunburned skin, cleans the blood and rejuvenates ageing cells

9.    Helps to improve digestion, lowers cholesterol, used to treat disorders of the urinary tract

10.                       Used to relieve symptoms of cold

11.                       Used to treat chronic skin problems

12.                       Used to treat gout, liver disorder and joint pain

13.                       Adding a few sprigs to your bath greatly enhances it

14.                       If you place a tray of wheatgrass over your pillow it improves the oxygen content and promotes sleep

15.                       Restores fertility

How to grow wheatgrass at home?

If you want to try your hand at growing your own wheatgrass this video will help you. Check it out below!

Is it safe to use wheatgrass?

Webmed says that it is likely safe when consumed as a food and possibly safe when taken in medicinal quantities. For women who are pregnant and breastfeeding it is wise that they avoid the use of wheatgrass.

A tip to employ it

It is always safe to choose food from a variety of sources such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains.  And this wheatgrass can be a healthy interesting variant to your wholesome meal plan.

Take good care,

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