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7 Healthy And Nutritious Arabian Salads For You To Try Out This New Year

The New Year is just around the corner. The healthiest way ever to start the coming year is by munching on salads. These salads are great for your health. I wish that you amaze your friends and family with these healthy Arabian salads. They may be a welcome change and an interesting variation to your meal plan.
Why you should you eat salads in the first place?
·Salads are rich in fiber and help lower cholesterol and prevents constipation ·It helps you in weight loss, now that’s great news ·It facilitates you to eat good fats ·Salads introduces a wide array of vitamins and minerals to your body

Arabian salads
I have selected some tasty and mouth watering salad prepared by the best Chefs in the Arabian Salad world. I have presented each salad along with the nutritional benefits of each of the main components. So get ready for the ride…….
1) Pomegranate molasses and Arabic Fattoush Salad  Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants and are excellent for your heart health. It wards off osteoporosis, pro…

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas
And a
Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year

Take care, Swarnam
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5 Top Reasons That Makes Your Cup Of Coffee So Healthy

This is the festive time and along with all the joys and togetherness comes this stress. So steal some few moments for yourself, hear some good music and sip that steaming hot cup of coffee just to unwind and de-stress…….

Is coffee really good for your health?
Coffee in the right amounts is good; we will see how it works out? ·The caffeine in your cup of coffee might help the small blood vessels to work better
·Coffee can protect against the rare and chronic liver disease caused by inflammation of the bile duct
·Coffee can prevent diabetes
·Coffee consumption reduces the rate of liver cancer by about 40%
·Coffee can actually increase your lifespan because coffee drinkers were less likely to die from heart and respiratory diseases, stroke, injuries, accident, diabetes and infections
So says research studies.

Take good care, Swarnam
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Top Charities That You Can Donate To This Christmas

It is indeed nobler to give than to receive. This is the festive season and a time to express love and care to all those around you. A time to give, to be thankful, spread goodness and cheer.

Giving is a trait that is braided with our welfare and happiness. So if you make someone happy you feel good. This is a positive feeling which increases your well being and makes you experience the richness of life.
So if you want to heal someone’s life why not check some really cool donating ideas here………

Syria Crisis Urgent Appeal UNHCR- UN RefugeeAgency-
The UN has launched its biggest humanitarian appeal to help the people in Syria. It appears that 2.3 million refugees have fled to neighboring countries and the number is increasing on a daily basis.
To add to their woes a recent brutal snowstorm has made life miserable for the masses. They need warm blankets, fuel to keep them warm, shoes, warm winter clothing and mats. A local daily reported their statu…

Amazingly Informative Tips To Look Glowing And Gorgeous This Festive Season

This is the time of the year when looking good, feeling gorgeous does really matter. Being happy and healthy will give you a natural glow that will send a million beams to magnify your outer physic. Here are some of the best tips from renowned dermatologists to help you to be the best possible version of yourself this festive season.
It is about loving the skin you are in
It does not matter about the color of your skin. What really matters is how healthy it looks. A clean, moisturized and radiant skin speaks volumes about your beauty. The dermatologists advise you to ·Know your skin type ·Use gentle cleansers for dry skin and sensitive skin ·Use oil free foaming cleansers for oily skin ·Always rinse with plenty of warm water ·Moisturize your skin so it feels soft and supple ·Apply sunscreen daily ·And never ever wear makeup to bed.

Replenish your skin with proper nutrients
A healthy diet works magic on your skin. Smoking causes wrinkles and so just avoid it. Low fat dairy products, black berrie…

3 Rich Life Experiences That Raise Your Happiness And Well being

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

"Folks are usually nearly as happy as they make their minds up to be” said Abraham Lincoln. I think if we seek to modify our surroundings by being positive and acting accordingly, we can very well see a happier version of ourselves.
Being happy increases our well being and helps our health quotient to flourish and prosper. I am going to tell three rich experiences that can raise your happiness…

·Singing in a choir group ·Skiing ·Social giving
Singing in a choir is fine-
Man is by nature a social being. If the group he belongs radiates positivity then he can be happy and healthy. A recent study has found that singing in a choir can be beneficial to our psychological well being.
A recent online survey found that people who sang in a choir were much happier than those who sang solo. They felt that the choir group was more meaningful than other social groups. Furthermore, it can …

1001 Reasons About Why You Should Eat Nuts

Those who eat nuts are smart and that includes monkeys too. Bearded Capuchin monkeys who eat palm nuts, place them in a stable position on a surface, before trying to crack them open. This is something related to tool use by animals.

A large research study found that people who ate nuts say a handful daily were 20% less likely to die from any illness over a 30 year period.
What the researchers say about nuts?

1.Nuts can help you to be slim
2.Nuts consumption wards of heart diseases, diabetes, colon cancer and gallstones
3.If you eat nuts on a daily basis it will reduce your cholesterol levels, stress, inflammation, fat content and blood sugar levels
Oh my stars! Now that’s a lot of good stuff about nuts.

4.Nuts help you to think clearly because those who ate nuts did not smoke, they exercised regularly, used multivitamin supplements and ate more fruits and vegetables.
5.And finally, the researchers say they need more research proof to prove the cause and effect of eating nuts.

What is so healt…

11 Top Ideas To Beat The Holiday Weight Gain

The festive season has just begun and I hope that your diaries are marked with party invitations and get-togethers. And this is also the time for people like me to warn you about obesity and all the dangers associated with it.
Here I have put together some thoughts from great minds in the nutrition world, to help you celebrate your holidays in a healthy manner……
1.It would be wise to keep your current weight and not to reduce weight during the festive season
2.Treasure some healthy foods at home. When you snack you can munch on the nutritious ones.
3.Try your level best to stick to your regular workout routine.
4.If it is not possible at least move as much as you can
5.Eat healthy foods throughout the day and then go for a party.
6.If you are the host try to include healthier versions of foodstuffs
7.Use smaller plates and be choosy in selecting your dishes.
8.Eat slowly and savor your every bite
9.Mingle more with the people and care less about food
10.Water is healthy, calorie free and so favo…