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Boost Your Brain Power With Natural Focus Supplement GungHo

I was on the phone talking to a friend inquiring about her visit to the hospital. It was barely 2 minutes and when I entered the room I was stunned. The little girl had dropped the soap powder, the elder one had tried to clean it and oh! my it was a total mess. I had lots of work and did not even have the energy to shout. I simply went near the window and looked towards the heavens.

And as an answer to my prayers the husband brought a packet which had arrived from the USA. When I opened it I was in for a surprise. It was GungHo. I had asked for a sample and totally forgot all about it. There were three sample packets.

The next morning I tried one and the husband being a curious soul tried one. The taste was good and it was similar to vitamin syrup. You know what? After a short time, say 10 minutes I felt a gush of energy, my body felt light and I could finish all my work in no time. The husband too felt the same.

So what is GungHo?

It is a natural focus supplement that increases productivity in all areas of life such as study, work and play. GungHo means “work in harmony” to get more out of life.

What are the benefits of GungHo?

1.     It increases focus and concentration

2.   Enhances memory storage and recall

3.   Improves brain energy

4.   Quite economical, they even give you an offer check it out here GungHo

5.   It improves endurance

6.   A big no-no for sugar and carbon

7.   It gives fewer calories and has B vitamins.

What are the components found in Gungho?

It contains……….

Ashwaganda-  It has the ability to promote calmness and sleep. Researchers say that these properties may be due to its well known amino acid GABA. It eases anxiety and restlessness and may be used as an anti-ageing supplement. If you want to know more about Ashwaganda you can find it here.

Cognizin Citicoline- sound Greek and Latin Is it not? Well, it is found in living cells. It helps maintain integrity of nerve cell membranes. It fights stress, improves attention and other cognitive processes.

Caffeine- caffeine in the right amounts peps up your brain performance. It reduces mental fatigue and keeps the brain alert.

Niacin (Vitamin B3) - It helps to boost good cholesterol and is good for cardiovascular health.  It may lower the risk of hardening of arteries.

Eleuthero- It is a medicinal herb used in traditional Chinese medicine. Animal experiments with this herb found that eleuthro increases endurance and memory. It has anti-inflammatory, antidepressant and immunogenic properties.

Safety tips……

Pregnant women and lactating mothers are not advised to drink GungHo

It may cause a niacin flush. Some people who are sensitive to niacin may experience hot prickly feeling and skin redness that lasts a few minutes. If this is the case you can drink half or less of it.

The caffeine and vitamin content are well within limits.

A wise thought…..

Before you take any supplement make a short drive to your doctor and ask his advice.

If you want to try gungho visit

 This is a sponsored post.

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