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Top Charities That You Can Donate To This Christmas

It is indeed nobler to give than to receive. This is the festive season and a time to express love and care to all those around you. A time to give, to be thankful, spread goodness and cheer.

Giving is a trait that is braided with our welfare and happiness. So if you make someone happy you feel good. This is a positive feeling which increases your well being and makes you experience the richness of life.

So if you want to heal someone’s life why not check some really cool donating ideas here………

Syria Crisis Urgent Appeal
UNHCR- UN Refugee Agency-

The UN has launched its biggest humanitarian appeal to help the people in Syria. It appears that 2.3 million refugees have fled to neighboring countries and the number is increasing on a daily basis.

To add to their woes a recent brutal snowstorm has made life miserable for the masses. They need warm blankets, fuel to keep them warm, shoes, warm winter clothing and mats. A local daily reported their status. If you want to know more just click here

If you want to help you can donate to United Nations Refugee Agency

·       $20 could help buy mats and prevent people from sleeping on cold barren floors
·       $50 could help to buy warm fleece blankets
·       $100 could help to buy stove for a family
·       $500 could provide a warm tent for a whole family.

Philippines Typhoon Appeal
UNHCR UN Refugee Agency

It was November 8, 2013 a black letter day in the history of the Philippines. A powerful typhoon swept across the country rendering millions without homes. The reports say that nearly 15 million have been affected and 4 million have been displaced from their homes. The level of destruction caused by this typhoon Haiyan is absolutely overwhelming.

You can make a difference to the survivors during this season of sharing and caring.

·       $20 could be useful for buying jerry cans to carry clean water
·       $50 could keep a family warm by providing fleece blankets
·       $100 could help them to buy mats and provide restful and warm slumber
·       $500 could provide a tent for a family

If you want to donate you can visit
for further information.

If you believe in prayer and miracles, then who knows you might be an answer to their prayers.

Take good care,

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