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Lingonberries Fights Obesity And Helps In Weightloss

Lingonberries might have been in the shadows till now, but this new discovery is surely deemed to make them an overnight sensation. These berries are native to the boreal forest and Arctic Tundra from Eurasia to North America, so says Wikipedia. These berries can be culled from the wild and is a staple food in Finland and Sweden.

Nutritional content of lingonberries These berries are good sources of vitamin C, beta carotene and B vitamins. They are rich in organic acids. These berries contain potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. The seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids.
What is the new discovery about Lingonberries?
The Swedish researchers found that these berries completely prevented weight gain in mice when they were fed a high fat diet. These berries also lowered the blood sugar levels and cholesterol. The scientists wonder that these good results may be due to their polyphenol content.
What are the other health benefits of lingonberries?
Dr.Oz magazine mentions that Canadian …

Go Green With Enagic's Ionized Pure Kangen (TM) Water

Water is the cornerstone of life. Water works wonders- it balances body fluids, helps to control calories, energizes muscles, enhances skin health and aids in normal body functions.
What is Kangen (TM) water?
Kangen (TM) is alkaline ionized antioxidant water produced by ionizers manufactured by Enagic Corp. These machines can be linked to your tap water. They filter your tap water and also produce ionized alkaline and acidic water.

Simply put, These machines make pure, sparkling and healthy water, which can be used for drinking, cooking, beauty and cleaning purposes. Got it now?
5 kinds of water by Enagic water ionizing machines
1.Strong Kangen (TM) water with a pH of 11.5- it can be used for cleaning and stain removal. And also for washing oil based pesticides off fruits and vegetables. This is a great benefit of this water.
2.Kangen (TM) water with a pH of 8.5-9.5- this water is used for drinking, cooking and gardening. Kangen Water, according to Dr. Shinya, M.D. is considered the very b…

10 Fascinating Health And Nutrition Facts About The Herb Thyme

Owning your own herb garden is a dream come true, is it not? The scent of these herbs wafts through the air and fills up your senses. Talking about thyme it is very delicate and has a deep penetrating fragrance.
History speaks so much about thyme. The ancient Egyptians used it for embalming; the Greeks used it in baths and for burning incense; and the Romans used thyme to purify their rooms. Thyme has a rich past, it was placed beneath pillows to promote sleep, has been given as a gift by fair maidens to young knights and warriors and believed to assure passage to next life irrespective of the kind of life they lived. Aha, that's a different story altogether.
Health benefits of thyme
·Thyme has lots of health benefits. The main essential volatile oil in thyme is thymol. ·Thyme increases the amount of healthy fats such as DHA and omega 3 fatty acids in the brain, kidney and heart cell membranes after dietary supplementation. ·The above fact has been demonstrated in animal studies. ·Thyme…

How Will Google's Smart Contact Lenses be a Boon to Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is the new trending global health problem. With more people turning to fast foods, the rising obesity rates and improper exercise practices- all of these contribute to this global health scare.
What are Google’s smart contact lenses?
It has been noted that 1 in 19 people on Earth suffer from diabetes. To constantly monitor the glucose levels is quite a problem. They have to prick themselves to monitor the blood glucose levels. Now the mighty Google has stepped in and has devised prototype smart contact lenses.
So how does this lens work?
Washington Post reports that the soft contact lenses have a sensor that measures glucouse levels in the tears. A tiny pinhole lets the tears seep over the glucose monitor to get regular readings. The lens has some miniaturized electrodes that transfer the information to a hand held monitor. Gone are the days that you prick yourself to monitor glucose levels. Technology has made ‘tears’ do all the work.
How will this lens be a boon to diabetic pati…

Can Probiotics Help You To Cure Psoriasis

If you are feeling down about your psoriasis, may I give a few words of encouragement? CNN news anchor Zain Vergee and Kim Kardashian also suffer from psoriasis. Though this condition does affect them, they do consider it as a challenge and lead happy and fulfilling lives.
My local newspaper weekly magazine ran an article about a lady who cured her psoriasis through diet. This reminded me to share her secret in this post. Alison Chester Lambert a 48 year old psychology student at StaffordshireUniversity suffered from this painful skin condition. She emailed Chinese Specialists who advised her
·To flood her intestines with pro-biotics or friendly bacteria ·And to re-establish a healthy gut flora
Well, this is what she did ·She cut down on sugar and added more of probiotics ·She took milk thistle to help her liver clear the toxins ·And took a whole range of B vitamins
The result… Her skin condition improved and became healthy once again.
This is her side of the story. The magazine had also publ…

2 Scientifically Backed Therapies To Improve Quality of Sleep in Cancer Patients

It seems that half of the patients suffering from cancer have sleep problems. This may be due to stress, tumors, drugs or treatments and staying in a hospital. But the good news is that scientists say two behavioral interventions can bring the much needed relief to their sleep problems. They behavioral interventions are….
1.Cognitive behavioral therapy 2.Mindfulness based stress reduction
Insomnia causes a lot of troubles. It can interfere with therapeutic and supportive care. Already the cancer patients are on medication and additional medication to treat insomnia, may become a burden, and it may also cause side effects.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

It is a type of psychotherapy treatment which can help you, to change the way you think and behave and thus helps you to feel better. This therapy is used to treat phobias, depression, anxiety and addiction. For more information about this you can click on this link…

Amazingly Informative Steps to Fade Pregnancy Stretch Marks

One of the most beautiful moments in a woman’s life is the period of pregnancy. That amazing feeling of finding life within yourself, but on the other side one has to deal with stretch marks, sleepless nights and loss of the carefree life. But all these things make you feel great, amazing and reminds you the essence of being a woman.

What causes stretch marks?

Stretch marks are the result of rapid stretching of skin, which may be due to rapid growth or rapid weight change. If you have pregnancy stretch marks it is a good sign. But keep in mind that there is no way to prevent stretch marks. Of course you can lighten them and we will see how……..

How to fade stretch marks?

I have listed the best possible options from the reputed sources in the health care. The best time to treat stretch marks is that while they are still in that reddish stage.

·First and foremost drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.
·You can use gels made with a mix of onion extract and hyaluronic acid.
·Retinols c…

101 Facts To Prove Kimchi Is a Healthy Food

The New Year has arrived bringing with it fresh ideas, fresh hopes, new joys and pleasing surprises. Along with all these come new tastes from various cultures to make life more interesting and healthy.
What is Kimchi?
It is Korea’s National dish. It is fermented and cooked with lots of veggies and variety of seasonings. It tastes either spicy or sour. The Koreans like it so much that they say kimchi when posing for photographs. Now the next time you pose for a photo say kimchi.

Kimchi has strong, robust, full bodied flavors, fermenting and pickling that requires patience.  It is a flavorful cuisine full of garlic, spices, various vegetables, unique bean and pepper pastes. The peculiarity of this Korean food is that it is often shared and cooked at the table.

Kimchi making trends vary according to the natural abundance of that region. People near the oceans use fresh fish and oysters, some use red chili flakes and some people rely on salt.
Is kimchi healthy?
You know what? Kimchi is good …