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2 Scientifically Backed Therapies To Improve Quality of Sleep in Cancer Patients

It seems that half of the patients suffering from cancer have sleep problems. This may be due to stress, tumors, drugs or treatments and staying in a hospital. But the good news is that scientists say two behavioral interventions can bring the much needed relief to their sleep problems.
They behavioral interventions are….

1.     Cognitive behavioral therapy
2.   Mindfulness based stress reduction

Insomnia causes a lot of troubles. It can interfere with therapeutic and supportive care. Already the cancer patients are on medication and additional medication to treat insomnia, may become a burden, and it may also cause side effects.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

It is a type of psychotherapy treatment which can help you, to change the way you think and behave and thus helps you to feel better. This therapy is used to treat phobias, depression, anxiety and addiction. For more information about this you can click on this link

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

It is a program which uses the psychological concept of mindfulness, to help people cope with their problems and makes their lives much easier. This therapy helps people deal with stress and chronic illness with amazing results.

The results of the study proved promising….

The scientists found that both the therapies reduced insomnia and helped the patients get a good night's rest. Cognitive behavioral therapy produced faster results and MBSR showed gradual improvements. Both these therapies improved mood and reduced stress related symptoms of the cancer patients.

If you know anyone suffering from cancer pass on this great news and you will feel pleased that you have made a difference in another person’s life.

Take care,

Photo by David Castillio Dominici


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