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Go Green With Enagic's Ionized Pure Kangen (TM) Water

Water is the cornerstone of life. Water works wonders- it balances body fluids, helps to control calories, energizes muscles, enhances skin health and aids in normal body functions.

What is Kangen (TM) water?

Kangen (TM) is alkaline ionized antioxidant water produced by ionizers manufactured by Enagic Corp. These machines can be linked to your tap water. They filter your tap water and also produce ionized alkaline and acidic water.

Simply put, These machines make pure, sparkling and healthy water, which can be used for drinking, cooking, beauty and cleaning purposes. Got it now?

5 kinds of water by Enagic water ionizing machines

1.     Strong Kangen (TM) water with a pH of 11.5- it can be used for cleaning and stain removal. And also for washing oil based pesticides off fruits and vegetables. This is a great benefit of this water.

2.   Kangen (TM) water with a pH of 8.5-9.5- this water is used for drinking, cooking and gardening. Kangen Water, according to Dr. Shinya, M.D. is considered the very best drinking water for its properties of hydration, detoxification, and antioxidation. It is great for preventing disease and people are experiencing results with all kinds of health issues from blood pressure, blood sugar, to constipation, acid-reflux, weight loss, etc. Pets are also responding really well to this water

3.   Neutral water with a pH of 7.0- this water is used for drinking and it so gentle that you can prepare your baby food with it.

4.   Slightly acidic water with a pH of 4.0-6.0- this  water is used for gentle cleaning, hygienic and beauty care purposes. To be precise it can be used as a natural skin toner and conditioner. Slightly acidic water is great for certain plants (some plants prefer acidic environment and some alkaline).

5.   Strong acidic water with a pH 2.5-  this water is a potent disinfectant and good for cleaning. It is ten times stronger than bleach and yet green and safe. It is very helpful in treating skin conditions like eczema, acne and hard to treat infections like gangrene (which is common with diabetic patients). Strong acidic water can be used to treat and prevent gum disease.

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I Kept on mentioning Enagic so what is it?

It is a revolutionary private Japanese owned company providing people with clean alkaline water, making machines for 40 years. Now that's some good news. They also offer all these nice warranties.

Let me tell you all about the various models-

·       ANESPA- Home spa system
It produces a continuous stream of refreshing ionized water

·       Leveluk- R (starter model)
It produces healthy water and is very budget friendly. Wow! That’s great

·       JR11- The energy saver
Reduces energy consumption with its three solid electrode plates

·       DX11-This model has good power at affordable budgets and has full automatic features

·       SD501- This model is perfect for kitchen and can be used under the cabinet.

·       Power Enagic is for heavy home use and small business.

 Popular models

·    Leveluk SD-501 –is the most popular model, it is very compact and suitable for kitchen counters.
·    SD501 Platinum- this is revamped model suitable for stylish kitchens. It has high performance and a great look.
Now you can know more about these models by visiting this link

Now I  am going to tell you an exciting news!!.......
If you purchase any one of the above systems, will offer you a free replacement filter worth $120. All you have to do is mention the site name That's a wonderful piece of information, is it not?

Water is very precious and is essential for good health. Making a decent investment to get healthy drinking water is a wise choice.

Some closing words…..
Whether you buy this alkaline water, making machine or not, just keep yourself hydrated with water and for heaven’s sake avoid sweetened beverages and carbonated drinks.

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Pictures of Enagic models