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Science Backed Tips To Get A Safe Sun Tanned Look

You know what I am a South Asian and my skin is olive toned. Though I am 100% sure I can never ever turn my skin on the fair side, I still use fairness creams. And I was really, really amazed to hear that people who are fair skinned undergo tanning procedures to make their skin sun kissed, even at the expense of knowing that it may drastically increase their risk of having skin cancers.

A dig deep into the history and you find that in 1920’s fashion designer Coco Channel accidentally got sunburnt when she visited French Riveria. When she got back with a sun tan her fans liked the tan and started to adopt darker skin tones.

Why do young women use tanning beds?

A recent survey has found that young women use tanning beds even though they are well aware of the health risks associated with indoor tanning. It seems that 28 million people use tanning beds. People who are 35 years old and less are at a greater risk of developing skin cancer. The young women liked tanning beds because it reduced stress, are convenient and relaxing.

Risks associated with using tanning beds

Health professionals say that there is a direct link between using tanning beds and increase in the rate of skin cancers. The artificial light used in tanning leads to mutations and DNA alterations and causes scary skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma.

So, how can you still safely get the sun tanned look?

It is not safe to spend too much time soaking up the sun’s rays. Tanning beds are also not advisable.
You can opt in for Bronzers and sunless tanners. They are safer and faster and give you the desired look.

You have Bronzing powders, Bronzing gels, spray Bronzers and stick Bronzers. A top beautician advises NARS Laguna Bronzing powder. She says it is easy to use and gives you fantastic results. She also gives you a tip regarding Bronzing gels. You should be careful when applying it; otherwise it will give you the dreaded orange look.

You have to be very careful with spray tanners. It consists of a colorless chemical which reacts with the proteins on the top layer of the skin and results in the brown color. The spray tanners contain DHA, which is not approved by the FDA. When you visit a commercial spray tanning booth, your eyes and lips may be exposed which is not a good thing.

Some tanning products are sold in the form of pills. They are not safe to use advises Dr. Anthony Komaroff of Harvard Medical School.

How can you increase the longevity of your tan?
To extend your sun burnt look. You should make moisturizer your best pal. Enjoying in a pool, hot tub or ocean will fade a sunless tan faster. Never forget to apply a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF.
Look your best and feel your best. But be wise to go along a healthy and safe route to achieve the look of your dreams.

Take care and be well,

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