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Can Body Odor Convey Hidden Diseases And Emotions

It was in our primary school, I remember that they taught us free yoga classes. The master used to yell at us to remove our shoes before doing the exercises. And after a milli second an awkward smell would fill the air. Hey, guess what? It was the smell of the sweaty socks. Neither one nor two, but I can’t tell you how many of them had smelly feet. Gosh! That awkward smell I still do call back.
How is body odor caused? On a more serious note, sweat is made of water and salt. It is odorless. The smell is due to the bacteria which are on our skin. They eat the sweat and excrete waste that gives this yucky smell.
Science tells us that body odor is specific to each person. But interesting news is that it is same for identical twins, which are in the same environment.
Can body odor tell you about diseases?
Well, now, that's an interesting question. Scientists say that diseases do have a particular smell. People with diabetes have breath that sometimes smells like rotten apples.
Body odor ma…

How Does Gut Bacteria Enhance The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Have you ever heard of chocolate eating bacteria? Before your imagination runs wild, let me tell you these bacteria are not found in any remote corner of the globe. But inside your tummy, interested? Good, then read on…..
More about chocolate eating bacteria
Researchers looked at the effects of dark chocolate on various types of bacteria in the stomach. Basically, there are two kinds of microbes in the gut- the good ones and the mean ones.
The good microbes Bifidobacterium and lactic acid bacteria gobble up the dark chocolate, ferment it and produce anti-inflammatory compounds which are good for your heart.
These compounds are absorbed by the body and they reduce the inflammation of cardiovascular tissue. This serves to cut down the long term danger of stroke.
How to increase the efficiency of these bacteria Researchers say that when you eat prebiotics the good bacteria increase in numbers and out number the bad ones. Humans cannot digest certain prebiotics- which are carbohydrates found in …

Amazing Tips To Monetize Your Health Blog

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You work hard to make your blog a success. Day in and day out, you spend all your creative energies to write the best possible quality content, build blog readership and above all, make your blog a stand out from the noisy environment in the blogosphere. And now the time has come, to reap the rewards for your best efforts. Am I right about that?
If you are a new blogger, I just want to share some tips to monetize your health blog. When I first began my blog, I used to run cute, colorful ads that were not of any benefit. Slowly by trial and error, I found some websites that are really useful and help you to earn money.
Share a sale

This is one of the best websites to get a decent sum of money. You sign up and join as an affiliate for various merchants and promote their brands. These are the merchants I have joined as an affiliate…..
Warby Parker Affiliate Program
Join the Warby Parker aff…

6 Research Proven Ways About Why Honey is Good For You

The Nepalese have an ancient tradition of hunting honey. A typical honey hunt, high in the distant mountain tops brings about 200 liters of wild honey to the villagers. They also collect red honey, which is utilized for medicinal uses. But sadly this ancient practice is dwindling, so reports New York Times.

Researchers have found that honey could be the solution to antibiotic resistance. You may be wondering how? Here are all the details…..
·Honey has a unique property where it fights infection on multiple levels, and bacteria find it difficult to develop resistance · Researchers say that honey uses a combination of weapons such as hydrogen peroxide, acidity, osmosis, high sugar concentrations and poly phenols, which actively kill bacteria ·High sugar concentrations produce an osmotic effect, which draws water from bacterial cells. It results in dehydration and death of the bacterial cells. ·Honey disrupts quorum sensing- which signifies the way bacteria communicate with one and another. T…

Be Warned About Lip Augmentation!

It is truly neat to have bee stung, fuller and plump lips. This may enhance one’s beauty quotient. For this purpose many people undergo lip augmentation. But there is a scary side effect attached to it. Some people may get lumps near the lips that are difficult to treat.

What is lip augmentation? It is a cosmetic procedure that gives you bee stung attractive lips, similar to the lips of Angelina Jolie. This process is also used to smooth out wrinkles.
The plump effect is due to fillers which are jelly like substances that are injected into the lips. You know what: even tribal people have introduced materials into and through the lips to enhance its beauty. I actually don’t know what side effects they went through.
What causes lumps and lesions? Many people who undergo this treatment develop lumps and in some rare cases, lesions that simply refuse to heal.
Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have found out that ·This unwanted side effect is induced by bacterial infection ·The lesion…

How Does TOYOTA i-ROAD Positively Enhance Your Health

The man, The machine, The Toyota i-ROAD. This was the foremost idea that came to me when I watched the videos and pictures of this awesome EV. Recently an i-ROAD test drive was held in Ecoful Town, Toyota City, Japan. People were really awestruck with this wonder vehicle.

What is Toyota i- ROAD?
It is an electric vehicle which is convenient and is fun to ride. The i-Road combines the ease of handling a motorbike and the drive, stability and comfort of the car. So says Mr. Yanka the Project General Manager of Toyota. Its uniqueness is its automatic active lean mechanism.

This mechanism, which was modeled, based on the movement of skiers and running animals gives the driver an exhilarating driving experience. Wow! That all sounds great. If you want to test it out, then be sure to be present in Grenoble in France at the end of 2014, where these wonder three wheelers will hit the roads for a test ride.

Special health benefits associated with Toyota i- ROAD
This ultra compact three wheeler E…

10 Huge Benefits Of Utilizing The Services Of a Doula

You know what; bringing a life into this world may be a joyous as well as taxing time for women. The joy of seeing your baby is a promising one. And at the same time the agonizing thought of delivering pain leaves many women crippled with fear. Now here come the doulas to make your birthing period a pleasant one.
Who are these doulas?
You may well ask. A doula is a labor coach. She is a non medical person who assists a woman before, during or after her child birth. Her presence greatly helps not only the young mother, but also her partner and family members.  The term doula originates from an ancient Greek word. This person is a source of great physical and emotional help to the young parents.

The benefits of doula care
Recent national statistics of the US say that there are many positive experiences associated with having a doula during the labor period of pregnancy.
·It results in fewer medical interventions ·Few hours in labor ·Results in increased satisfaction ·Presence of doula improves …

Teff - The Super Grain From Ethiopia

Nestled among the valleys of the Horn of Africa, is the humble yet nutrient rich teff crop, swaying in the breeze, waiting for the world to recognize its importance. It is an ancient crop which has its origins between 4000 BCE and 1000BCE. To be more specific teff is native to Northern Ethiopian and Eritrean highlands.
Nutritional content of teff grains;
Teff is a powerhouse of nutrients. It is called as an orphan crop because very little research is done about it.
·The teff is an excellent source of calcium. A cup of cooked teff contains 123mg of calcium. ·It is rich in vitamin C. ·It is high in resistant starch ·It has good amounts of phosphorous, magnesium, aluminum, copper and thiamin. ·It is rich in iron, but the iron content is due to threshing the grains on the iron rich soil. ·It contains all the eight essential amino acids and has high amounts of lysine. ·1 cup of uncooked teff provides 5 of the B complex vitamins.
Special health benefits of Teff grains
Teff has some stunning nutritio…

Best Ever Inspirational Quotes of Michelle Obama

A little bit of sincerity, hope, wit, gratitude, self esteem, sacrifice, love, kindness, happiness, hard work, patience, integrity and spirituality in right proportions make up what is called –life. This is what I found out later on writing this post.

Here are some amazing and helpful quotes by the First Lady of The United States. Read them and you will be glad you did……

When you’ve worked hard and done well, and walked through that doorway of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you. No you reach back and give other folks the same chances that helped you succeed.”  - Michelle Obama

“Women in particular need to keep an eye on their mental and physical health, because if we are scurrying to and from appointments and errands, we don’t have a lot of time to take care of ourselves. We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our to do list.”- Michelle Obama

“People told me that I shouldn’t reach that high, that I didn’t have what it would take to get into a schoo…