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10 Huge Benefits Of Utilizing The Services Of a Doula

You know what; bringing a life into this world may be a joyous as well as taxing time for women. The joy of seeing your baby is a promising one. And at the same time the agonizing thought of delivering pain leaves many women crippled with fear. Now here come the doulas to make your birthing period a pleasant one.

Who are these doulas?

You may well ask. A doula is a labor coach. She is a non medical person who assists a woman before, during or after her child birth. Her presence greatly helps not only the young mother, but also her partner and family members.
 The term doula originates from an ancient Greek word. This person is a source of great physical and emotional help to the young parents.

The benefits of doula care

Recent national statistics of the US say that there are many positive experiences associated with having a doula during the labor period of pregnancy.

·      It results in fewer medical interventions
·      Few hours in labor
·     Results in increased satisfaction
·      Presence of doula improves the quality of birthing experience.
·      Doula helps the husband know how to navigate the situation
·      Couples felt that the doulas brought them closer
·      Women who face a Caesarian need their support more than ever.
·      The kangaroo care or skin to skin contact of the mother and child ensures successful breast feeding practices.
·      Women who recover from C- section greatly benefit from the services of doula.

Special benefits of the services of doulas

The experts in the industry feel the

1.    The risk of c-section and forceps delivery drops by the positive approach of a doula
2.   They provide a constant calming presence throughout the delivery
3.   They help lessen anxiety
4.   Women with high risk pregnancies benefit greatly from their services
5.   Simply put the doula’s presence may be a tremendous healing experience.

I feel that introducing the system of doulas in countries where this custom is not popular, will provide job openings for many and also result in a healthy birthing experience for women.

Take good care,

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