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Be Warned About Lip Augmentation!

It is truly neat to have bee stung, fuller and plump lips. This may enhance one’s beauty quotient. For this purpose many people undergo lip augmentation. But there is a scary side effect attached to it. Some people may get lumps near the lips that are difficult to treat.

It is a cosmetic procedure that gives you bee stung attractive lips, similar to the lips of Angelina Jolie. This process is also used to smooth out wrinkles.

The plump effect is due to fillers which are jelly like substances that are injected into the lips. You know what: even tribal people have introduced materials into and through the lips to enhance its beauty. I actually don’t know what side effects they went through.

What causes lumps and lesions?
Many people who undergo this treatment develop lumps and in some rare cases, lesions that simply refuse to heal.

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have found out that
·      This unwanted side effect is induced by bacterial infection
·      The lesions are due to bacteria injected in connection with the procedure
·      The fillers themselves act as incubators
·      Even 10 bacteria are enough to cause a lesion and a tough film called biofilm, which is impossible to treat with antibiotics.
Earlier, many experts believed that all these were due to autoimmune reactions or allergic reactions to that of the fillers.

Really great news
But there is hope, the researchers say that these infections can be prevented by injecting antibiotics together with the filler itself during the cosmetic treatment.

A parting word of advice for readers
This process may be a requirement for some individuals. But if you are looking to fit in an ideal image or to please someone, then it is wise to give it a second thought. You know what; physical beauty is merely superficial, but the real beauty comes from the pleasantness of your inner soul.

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Photo by Stuart Miles

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