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Want to Live Longer?- Try Tofu and Konbu

Want to live longer? Then just read this post. The Japanese women live longer than those anywhere else in the world. Experts say that their diet may play a pivotal role in increasing their life span.
The secret to their longevity, according to Criag Willcox, an expert who studied the effects of diet and ageing in Japan, is that the Japanese eat three servings of fish a week, plenty of whole grains, veggies and soy products. They include more tofu and konbu seaweed in their diet.
In this post we will zero in on tofu and konbu.

 Health benefits of Tofu
Tofu- It is made from soybean. It is a surprisingly versatile form of soybean that is made by curdling soymilk. By the process of curdling its proteins become coagulated and then pressed into a sliceable cake.
·Soyasaponins are soy phytonutrients . The fermentation process has been shown to increase their concentration. They play a greater role in cardiovascular benefits. ·Tofu also has cancer prevention benefits ·Prevents and used in the treatm…

Can Speed Reading Apps Make You Dumb

Gone are the days when people used to sit near the window sill, breathing in fresh air, sipping that cup of steaming hot coffee and become immersed in the imaginary world of the hard bound novel, in their hands. Nowadays, speed reading apps have become the norm, but it poses its own set of risks.
What is a speedreadingapp?
This app may help you to read at staggeringly high speeds, say 600 or 1000 words per minute. Scientists suppose that they beat the restrictions imposed by our visual system.
How do we process information at such high speeds?
To understand this scientists did a research to find out how we intake information about the text. The brain controls how our eyes move through the text. It ensures we get the right information at the right time.
Earlier studies have said that readers stop or pause to read, moving their eyes back to understand the essence of the subject they are reading.
The research 40 college students participated in the study. The students read the sentences displ…

Lashing Out at Partner- Can Blood Sugar be the Culprit

The hubby and the kids become cranky whenever they feel hungry. So whenever we go out, my handbag will be full of healthy snacks- to ward off their crankiness and stupidity. I did not devote much thought to it, until I read about an amazing research.
What does the research say?
Scientists say that lower blood sugar levels may make married couples, angry at their spouses. It can likewise make them lash out aggressively- all because of one simple reason- they are hungry.
To prove their point, the researchers used voodoo dolls and 51 pins.
Story of voodoo dolls and pins
Hey, this is not a story, but a catchy heading. The research involved 107 couples. All participants were given voodoo dolls which represented their partners and 51 pins. At the end of each day for 21 consecutive days, the participants have to poke 0 to 51 pins depending upon how angry they were with their spouse.
The better halves were not present at that time. They also checked their blood glucose levels before they retired to…

Happy Easter

God proved his love on the cross. When Christ hung and bled and died, it was God saying to the world, “I love you”. – Billy Graham
You know what? Crucifixion may have happened 2000 years ago. And it may seem a long time ago--- But God still lives and cares for you, In your deepest, darkest, loneliest Scariest and helpless moments…..
 He rises up from his throne, Comes down to meet you, Lift you up from the doldrums, To give you a hand, Mould you, make you Into something you have never been.
He cares for you, Guides you step by step Teaches you to flap your wings, To fly- to soar high in the heavens To make you sit with kings.
To give you a hope and future That’s God for you He can be your best friend And can guide you in paths unknown He did this for me- And I am sure he will do the same for you.
Happy Easter!
Take care, Swarnam
Photo by Lamnee

Incredible Nutritional Tips To Deal With Gastritis

Do you suffer from gastritis? Here is a crisp and clear post to help you deal with it effectively. So sit tight for the inside information….

What is gastritis? It is the inflammation or erosion of the lining of the stomach. It can occur suddenly or gradually. The symptoms may be nausea, bloating, vomiting, indigestion and that dreaded burning feeling in the stomach.

The causes may be due to infections, certain medications, alcohol, allergic reactions, stress and food poisoning to name a few. Foods to include and keep off-
University of Maryland researchers have done a fantastic job by suggesting some of the best options and I have detailed it in the columns below.

Foods to include for gastritis by University of Maryland Researchers Flavanoid  foods- apples, cranberries, cranberry juice, onions, garlic and tea Antioxidant foods- blueberries, cherries, tomato, squash, bell pepper Foods high in vitamin B and calcium- almonds, beans, whole grains, dark veggies, spinach, kale and sea v…

Amazing Health Benefits of Green Exercise

It’s really good that you do your exercise in the gym or inside your house. Sometimes we can’t help it because of the seasonal fluctuations. But if the weather is good then why not enjoy a dash of green exercise?
What is green exercise? You might wonder. It is the physical exercise undertaken in natural environments. It peps up your immunity, physical and emotional wellness.

Health benefits of green exercise
Get ready for a jog if the weather in your place is right. Because after you end up reading this post, you may want to breathe in some fresh air.
Scientists found that exercising outdoors ·Improves mental wellbeing compared with exercising indoors ·It revitalizes and increases energy and positive engagement ·Reduces tension, confusion, anger and depression ·Increase enjoyment and satisfaction ·Reduces stress and enhances overall happiness ·Reduces blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and the level of stress hormones ·Reduces aggressiveness ·Symptoms of kids suffering from ADHD reduced …

Top Foods That Reduce Your Cholesterol Levels

Concerned about your cholesterol levels? Here is a tip to cheer you up! Scientists say that if you eat one serving of beans, peas, chick peas or lentils per day, you can significantly reduce your bad cholesterol levels. Thus, you can keep cardiovascular diseases at bay.

What are the LDL and HDL cholesterols and triglycerides?
LDL- The low density lipoproteins are the bad cholesterol. It builds up on the walls of your arteries and causes heart diseases.
HDL- it is the good cholesterol. The high density lipoproteins are called good because it takes the bad cholesterol from the blood and protects it against heart diseases.
Triglycerides- They are fats carried in the blood from the food we consume.
What are good fats and bad fats?
The so called good fats are ·Monounsaturated fats ·Polyunsaturated fats
The bad ones are ·Saturated fats ·Trans fats
Foods that Reduce Cholesterol
·Oats and high fiber foods ·Fish and omega 3 fatty acids ·Walnuts and almonds ·Olive oil
Harvard scientists recommend these foods t…

Can Morning Sunlight Help You to Become Slim

I usually go for a walk in the evenings, but a recent revelation by scientists had me second guess my walking routine. After reading this post, there is a greater possibility that you would change your walking routine.
Which is the best part of the day to go for a walk?
Scientists have found a surprising new strategy for managing your weight, the bright morning light. They found that people who had a brisk walk in the morning sunlight had a lower BMI than those who took an evening walk.  The earlier you find the morning light the slimmer you get.
Can light impact your body weight?
Light can be said as the charge that operates your internal body clock. This body clock is responsible for circadian rhythms which in turn regulates the energy balance. Scientists say that if a person is not exposed to sufficient sunlight at the early hours of the day, it could desynchronize the body clock. This will bring about changes in the metabolism which leads to weight gain.
So taking the above facts into…

The Beauty and Health Secrets of Shea Butter

Shea fruit known as African women’s gold is silently making a social revolution in the African continent. The Shea butter known for its numerous medicinal and beauty benefits, offers a solid origin of income for the women. It empowers women to be financially independent. Now that's truly amazing.
What is Shea Butter?
It is an ivory colored fat obtained from the nut of the Shea tree. This butter is a triglyceride, so I have my own doubts about it being used in cooking. But it works wonders for your skin.
Traditionally elderly women and young girls sit on the floor and break the shells using small rocks. Then the nuts are separated, crushed with mortars, roasted in huge pots over open wood fires and ground. The paste is separated from oil, and then you get the golden yellow creamy Shea butter.

What are the health benefits of Shea butter?
This butter is an all natural vitamin A cream and also has vitamin E in it. The butter is said to have anti-inflammatory properties, moisturizing and m…