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5 Incredible Tips to Increase Your Longevity

Want to increase your lifespan? Want to be disease free and live a long life? Here are some great tips for you to take note.

Chronicle of a grand old lady

A 115 years grand old lady amazed the scientists with her long life and above all she was healthy and disease free. But recently she has passed away.

The Dutch researchers who studied her stem cells found only two of them. It means her biological clock has reached its last hour. They reported that cell division cannot last forever and a person’s life span may be limited by stem cells' ability to divide efficiently.

The scientists state that the telomere lengths can also specify a person’s life span. These are protective caps on chromosomes that wear down over time. As a person ages the length of telomeres shortens. In this grand old lady’s case the telomeres were extremely short. And that’s the story of a grand old lady.

Tips to increase your longevity

Being positive increases your life span

Studies have proved that being grateful significantly reduces stress, thereby boosting immune function and improving overall health. In a longitudinal study, catholic nuns who expressed gratitude, happiness and positive emotions in their earlier years were found to live an average of up to 10 years longer than their peers.

The miracle herb

Curious to know all about it, Let me not waste a moment. Jiaogulan is a boon for aging. American scientists have found it to be top 10 most effective anti ageing herbs in the world.

You may find an amazing number of centenarians in the Chinese mountainous region of Guizhou. After 10 years of research, scientists have found a link between centenarians and daily consumption of sweet tasting Jiaogulan tea.

This herb is an exceptional source of antioxidants and prevents cancer, cardiovascular disease, stress and fatigue.

Be a volunteer

Scientists say that people who regularly volunteer for the sole purpose of pure satisfaction were found to improve their longevity, when compared both to their non voluntary counterparts and better yet even to those who volunteered but only for personal benefit.

Happiness increases longevity

A longitudinal study carried on for several years found positive moods such as joy, happiness, life satisfaction, optimism and a sense of humor was associated with reduced risk of mortality and predicted longevity.

Calorie restriction

CR has shown to delay a wide range of diseases such as cancer, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, Neuro degenerative diseases in humans. Now it is not rocket science to understand that a disease free life is a sure ticket to a long life.

It is important to note that calorie restriction should not only be connected to weight loss. It is a simple way to prevent various potentially debilitating diseases and promote longevity.

I will conclude with some thoughts
At the end of the day being true to yourself is the best mantra for longevity.

Take good care,

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