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How are Camels Linked to MERS

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is slowly spreading its tentacles across the globe. The death toll in Saudi Arabia due to MERS hits, 111 says Gulf News. So it would be prudent to know some information about MERS.

What is MERS anyway?

It is a newly identified syndrome, which is caused by MERS corona virus. The estimated incubation period is 12 days. The symptoms include cough, shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, high fever; diarrhea and some people may even develop kidney failure. Early research suggested the virus is linked to the one found in Egyptian tomb bat.

Mike Adams of Natural writes that MERS fits the case profile of a pandemic disease.
·       It is extremely contagious.
·       It can be said as an airborne infection.
·       It can spread by the very act of sneezing.
·       It has a long incubation period.
·       It is resistant or immune to all known medical methods.
·       It can kill many people, but it can also keep the carriers alive who tend to spread the disease.

How are camels related to MERS?

Scientists have found that nasal discharge of camels could transmit the deadly virus to humans. The researchers found that the virus obtained from infected humans and Arabian camels in the same geographical location have nearly the identical RNA sequences, so reports IANS.

The researchers investigated nasal swabs taken from 76 camels in Oman. The virus levels were found to be high in their nasal discharge. The researchers assume that transmission to humans must have passed through these contact sites.

Scientists are discussing vaccinations of camels and this might keep the virus at bay.

Some closing thoughts

Do you really believe in miracles? If so, in your early morning prayers, pray that God should sprinkle his healing waters on your land and its people and protect your nation from all harm.

Take care and be well,

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