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E-Books can affect your sleep and Smart phones can give you super powers, what should you do?

Technology is a gift to mankind, but only when it is used wisely. Two research studies which came out this month give us the benefit of the doubt as to whether technology is really a boon or a bane. It is in our hands, to use it wisely and within limits.
Light emitting electronic devices
Scientists say that when you read light emitting eBooks, it can adversely affect your health, alertness and most importantly your sleep patterns. It was found that reading LE-eBooks affected melatonin secretion.
Now melatonin is a tiny gland situated in the center of the brain, and proper melatonin dosage is needed for healthy sleep. Wait! There is more to scare you to death. This is a worrying trend because children and adolescents are already experiencing significant sleep loss.
Sleep deprivation can affect the wellness of their overall health. Earlier studies have linked reduced melatonin secretion due to nocturnal light exposure to the increased risk of breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and prostate …

Christmas Wishes

"Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year 2015"
Take care, Swarnam

2015-Health and Wellness Goals to Lead a Wholesome Life

A brand new year is before you, what are you going to do? Life is fragile; it would be wise to enjoy life rather than to just endure it. Enjoy the season of life you are in. And when you look back you would have made moments to cherish. These goals, which we are going to discuss will not only make you healthy but also wholesome. It will increase your happiness quotient and help you lead a victorious life. 1.Forgive – it is a divine quality which brings about positive benefits both for your physical and mental health. When you forgive and forget it helps you to move on with your life and get rid of all the toxic wastes that hinder your progress.
2.Humble- being humble shows that you are curious and willing to learn from others. It commands more respect and is the key to effective leadership. It increases your job performance and makes you a likeable person, so says research studies.
3.Laughter-live, laugh and love life. Scientists say that mirthful laughter lowers stress levels, increases …

Teddy Travelogues- Amazing Health Benefits of Travelling

Confucius the great Chinese philosopher said “where ever you go, go with all your heart”. And definitely with the people you love. Vacations are a great time to be together as a family, enjoying the great outdoors and to view Mother Nature in her versatile best.
We are put up in the Middle East since my husband works here. When the holiday season starts that is July and August to be precise. We pack our bags and run at breakneck speed to our home land India.
Goa is the husband’s place. You know what? It is the land of beaches, surf and sand. It is such a beautiful place, full of greenery and scenic wonders. There is lots of rain during July and August, but we care a little. Armed with a huge Umbrella we will visit as many places we can. Forget the cough and cold. These are part and parcel of life.
The kids love to get wet in the rain and you can hear the husband warning them from morn till night not to play in the rain. Good food, great outdoors and plenty of rain, that’s Goa for you in…

Looking Back- 2014

2014 What a year? My God! The latest to add to the woes is the Peshawar attack on school kids, as the world gazes in shocked, stunned silence. Are these the last days? What has happened to mankind? Where are we going? And what are we doing?
I just want to encourage you that there is hope amidst all this sadness. Life is beautiful and a blessing to behold. Though some of our dreams may be shattered life is still beautiful, all the small moments of happiness prove that life has indeed been beautiful. You would be happy to hear the Afters sing about this.

2014- Though there would have been some storms that may have come your way. The creator of the universe was always by your side guiding you. Listen as the Casting Crowns sings beautifully about the storms of life.
This year there might have been some amazing times in your life, moments you want to cherish forever. Listen to this amazing track by the "Afters" about every good thing in your life.
Having a thankful attitude boosts o…

A Scary Statistic About Obesity

Obesity is really scary. If not properly taken care of it can reduce the life expectancy of a person by up to 8 years. In this fast paced society, it would do a world of good to pause a few minutes and ponder about our eating habits.
Risks Scientists did a survey to develop a model that estimated the annual risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases with persons of different body weight found that
Obese people ----- may lose up to 8 years of their life 
Overweight people ---- may lose up to 3 years of life
Healthy life years lost--- 4 times higher for obese and overweight people in comparison with people who had healthy weight 18.5-25 BMI
Earlier the weight gain---- worse the outcome
Researchers found that people who were obese by the age of 25 had a higher chance of severe obesity later in life.
The above is a quick reminder of the dangers of obesity. So healthy living should be our first concern. A healthy diet, exercise, proper sleeping habits and positive approach towards life will le…

6 Research Proven Tips About The Health Benefits of Orange

The glass of orange juice that you drink has more nutritional benefits than you think. Researchers from the University of Granada have found a technique that measures the antioxidant activity of citrus juices which provides 10 times greater values, than those indicated by present analysis methods. Now do you understand what I mean?
Citrus goodness The present analysis methods do not calculate the antioxidant activity of the fibre, assuming that it is not beneficial. But when the fibre reaches the large intestine the micro-organisms living there, ferment it and extract even more antioxidant substances. These substances can be calculated with this new method of analysis. How is that?
How to eat an orange? This seems to be the craziest question ever. I have an aunt who finishes off even the inner white pulp of an orange. But scientists say that the healing phytonutrients are found in the peel and inner white pulp of the orange rather than in its liquid centre.
These wonder nutrients help to l…

Music From The Islands To De-stress And Pep Up Your Christmas Spirit

The Christmas season is always full of good will, cheer, good food and carols. As I was preparing a special post for Christmas, I was led in the spirit to write the music scenario about the people living in the Solomon and Fiji islands. I do not know anything about the islanders but their music is soul stirring.
Music of the islands
From watching several music videos of the islanders, I feel that they are happy go lucky people, close with nature; simple yet elegant, have amazing voices and express their way of life through music.
Music as you see, has a beneficial effect on our physiological functions. It slows down pulse and heart rate, lowers blood pressure and decreases levels of stress hormones. When your stress levels are decreased, the efficiency and productivity increases. Music has psychological benefits. It boosts brain power by increasing learning and memory skills.
Music from the islands
The people in these islands enjoy their time together as a family. Here is an amazing video…

Sunshine Vitamin Your Passport To Good Health

Do you love the sunshine? The early morning and the minutes just before the dusk are some of the precious moments to be revered. Along with these awesome moments of beauty, sun also gives us the vitamin D which works wonders for the physical and mental health.
Vitamin D Scientists found that vitamin D is likely to be the contributing factor in seasonal depression. It is involved in the synthesis of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. These chemicals are linked to depression.
An interesting fact said by the scientists is that, people with dark skin have lower levels of vitamin D. So the wise thing would be to supplement vitamin D in your diet to avoid all the health problems.
Just think about this scenario, a good morning or an evening jog would give you enough sun exposure as well as lift your spirits. A recent study found that jogging keeps you young. Scientists say that vitamin D deficient individuals have a higher risk of developing schizophrenia than the general population. 
Vitamin D …

Spirituality Can Help You Overcome Depression

Have you ever considered the fact that spirituality can boost your health quotient? I am not talking about religion; spirituality at least in my own terms defines your personal relationship with God. I think this is an interesting subject so this would make a valuable read.

Spirituality health benefits
In my personal life I give first preference to God in each and every matter. I feel that a small inner voice is guiding me all the time. That’s really great is it not?
Researchers say that people who highly valued spirituality showed thicker portions of brain cortex that may protect against depression. Studies say that being spiritual protects against major depression by thickening the brain cortex counteracting the cortical thinning that would occur with major depression.
The belief in a loving, supportive and forgiving high power is related to positive mental coping for people with chronic conditions points out one study. Research shows that mental health conditions of people suffering f…