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2015-Health and Wellness Goals to Lead a Wholesome Life

A brand new year is before you, what are you going to do? Life is fragile; it would be wise to enjoy life rather than to just endure it. Enjoy the season of life you are in. And when you look back you would have made moments to cherish.
These goals, which we are going to discuss will not only make you healthy but also wholesome. It will increase your happiness quotient and help you lead a victorious life.
1.  Forgive – it is a divine quality which brings about positive benefits both for your physical and mental health. When you forgive and forget it helps you to move on with your life and get rid of all the toxic wastes that hinder your progress.

2.  Humble- being humble shows that you are curious and willing to learn from others. It commands more respect and is the key to effective leadership. It increases your job performance and makes you a likeable person, so says research studies.

3.  Laughter-live, laugh and love life. Scientists say that mirthful laughter lowers stress levels, increases good cholesterol and lowers levels of inflammation. The benefits do not stop there laughter reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Laughter boosts vascular health and repetitive laughter gives you all the benefits of repetitive exercise. Have a hearty laugh this festive season.

4.  Avoid toxic friendships- some people will always be there to pull you down; they breathe so much negative energy into your life that you become weighed down with their problems. In all sincerity show them the door politely.

5.  Learn to say no- there is a great power in saying no to things which you are not comfortable with. Be polite but be firm.

6.  Gratitude- having an attitude of gratitude promotes our emotional well-being. This attitude increases our energy, optimism and empathy. When you are grateful for the things you have, you are surrounded with positive energy. And positive energy is the cornerstone of every success.

7.  Sleep- a good night’s sleep boosts your wellness. It increases the cardiovascular benefits.  It promotes brain health, controls obesity, well rested teens are well behaved teens says one research study. Sleep helps you to make wise choices because your brain functions at peak efficiency after a good nap.

8.  Change your perspectives- instead of having negative perspectives change it and have positive ones. Instead of complaining about a grouchy boss or to drive in traffic, be glad that you have a job. Instead of complaining about your kids, be grateful that you have kids.

9.  Breathe- breathe in fresh air, always do not breathe in the air conditioned air, take a walk in the woods and breathe, just breathe. Researchers say that most of our body fat is breathed out as carbon dioxide and it goes into the air.

10.                  Exercise- it protects you from depression and stress. It reduces the risk of early death; exercise before school may reduce ADHD symptoms in kids says a research study. Jogging is an easy form of exercise which dramatically increases life expectancy.  Research says that seniors who jog regularly can walk as effectively as 20 something. That’s wonderful news.

11.                  Slow down- slowing down helps you to enjoy the finer things in life. If you are happy, relaxed and calm you can achieve a lot more compared to always being stressed, anxious, tensed and living life on the fast lane.

I was scratching my head about what goals to write and after a simple word of prayer; I was led in the spirit to write what I have written. So I am pretty sure you will live a wholesome and healthy life if you follow all these goals. Have a great 2015!

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