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Teddy Travelogues- Amazing Health Benefits of Travelling

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Confucius the great Chinese philosopher said “where ever you go, go with all your heart”. And definitely with the people you love. Vacations are a great time to be together as a family, enjoying the great outdoors and to view Mother Nature in her versatile best.

We are put up in the Middle East since my husband works here. When the holiday season starts that is July and August to be precise. We pack our bags and run at breakneck speed to our home land India.

Goa is the husband’s place. You know what? It is the land of beaches, surf and sand. It is such a beautiful place, full of greenery and scenic wonders. There is lots of rain during July and August, but we care a little. Armed with a huge Umbrella we will visit as many places we can. Forget the cough and cold. These are part and parcel of life.

The kids love to get wet in the rain and you can hear the husband warning them from morn till night not to play in the rain. Good food, great outdoors and plenty of rain, that’s Goa for you in the months of July and August.

My folks are put up in Chennai. Our next stop is right, you guessed it, is Chennai. The kids have lots of friends here and actually it is difficult to go to any place. All you hear is “Mama, I want to play with my friends”.

Chennai is a great place to shop, the city bursts with hues of different shoppers. When your foot steps in this land, I don’t know how, you instantly become an active shopper. And that is a great exercise.

Being a health writer my hands always itch to associate health in all my writings. Studies say that leisure travel improves your heart health and boosts your brain power. Visiting new lands or visiting family and friends gives us a kind of excitement. This reduces our stress levels and increases our happiness quotient.

I still remember when I went for my first delivery from the Middle East to Chennai, the plane was on the runway and I saw the huge board Chennai. At that juncture my baby started jumping inside my womb. Later an aunt told me, since I was so excited to see my native place; the emotions got transferred to my baby boy.

So travel brings with it positive emotions, reduces depression, breaks monotony, brings in spontaneity, enlarges our mental borders, channels fresh energy, fights pessimism and negative thinking, boost creativity, adaptability and changes our perspectives.

I hope you want your kids to have firm roots, but to have wings and be a global citizen, then travelling can help you achieve that. Talking so much about travel let me tell you Club Mahindra has luxury resorts at all exotic locations in India.
You can enjoy a safe, happy and relaxed holiday with them. For more information you can click the following link

So travel far and wide with your kids for some nostalgic moments to cherish in your soul forever.

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