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Easy to Prepare Exotic Salads

Just tried my hand at exotic salads! They turned out perfectly fine and was a huge hit with my family, especially the husband. I have shared this along with some amazing photos; hope you will give it a shot! 

Tamarillo salad

This exotic fruit looked so attractive on the supermarket shelf that I decided to buy it. Really did not know anything about it, googled it and found that it is native to Andes of Peru. It is high in potassium, extremely low in sodium, source of fiber. It is rich in vitamin A, B6, C and E.

Boil the water, add Tamarillo for a minute and immerse it in cold water. Remove the skin, cut into pieces and add a dash of lime, chili flakes, salt and brown sugar according to your taste. It tastes bittersweet the brown sugar increases its sweetness. Yes, it tastes good!

Persimmon and chestnut salad

I made this first of its kind persimmon fruit and chestnut salad. The chestnuts were on sale and were very cheap. The persimmon fruit was very expensive and so I bought just one to try its taste.

You can cut the persimmon fruit into halves, and scoop out the inner flesh. For chestnuts you should make a cut, and keep it in the microwave for just a minute. Take out the chestnuts and peel it. I again kept them in the microwave for about 3 more minutes.

Then I cut the chestnuts into small pieces and mixed them with the sliced pulp of the persimmon. A sprinkle of chili flakes and salt makes it taste divine. Try it! You won’t be disappointed.

Raw green papaya salad
Remove the skin of the papaya, cut it into pieces, add chili flakes, salt, pepper and lime juice. Garnish and serve.

Carrot and olives salad
Scrape the carrot, cut green and black olives into small pieces, add salt and lemon juice.

Strawberry and blue berry salad

Cut strawberries and add some blue berries. Add a dash of honey and cream. Sprinkle some cardamom powder. It is optional!

Baby Spinach leaves salad
Wash the spinach leaves, saute it in olive oil until it become glossy. Add some salt, lemon juice and chili flakes. Tastes good!

Banana and blueberries salad

Cut the banana and throw in some blue berries. Add a dash of honey.
Now the salad

Cucumber and onion sprig salad

I grow onion sprigs in my balcony garden. I cut some cucumbers, added some freshly chopped onion sprigs and seasoned it with salt, lemon juice and pepper.

Tender Asparagus salad

Put the asparagus in boiling water for 2 minutes and immerse in cold water. Saute olive oil, pepper, chili and salt. Add the tender shoots of Asparagus and gently stir. You can add onion sprigs and finally sprinkle some lemon juice. I added my home grown red chilies and onion sprigs for this salad. It tastes awesome!

All these are easy to make, can be done within a minute or two with some basic seasoning. Hope you will try. Here is my previous post about amazing healthy salads.

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