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Waging a War On Pimples? Try Out These Expert Tips


Pimples- I think most of us would have suffered this problem at some point in our lives. And I am no stranger to pimples, I grew up in a small town and for my higher studies I went to a women’s city college. You know what? I felt as a fish out of the pond there. Some girls were mean and I repeat really mean. Added to this, one fine day I got a big pimple on my cheek. My God! My future looked dark. To set things straight I pricked it and got an acne breakout. Sandpaper situations in life make you a stronger person. Having been there and done that, here I am with some wise counsel for you.

Why should you not pop a pimple?

Zakiya Rice a reputed professor in skin care says in webmed, that a pustule is actually keeping the bacteria nice and contained. When you puncture the pimple, the gunk oozes out and the bacteria splatters and lands inside other pores. This leads to more pimples. Moreover, you may introduce new kinds of bacteria from your finger into the zit, and the pimples become more red, inflamed and infected. Sometimes this may lead to permanent scaring.

Best foods for pretty skin

Nutrition expert John Basedow points out some foods which will make your skin pimple free, beautiful and radiant and you yourself will fall in love with your skin. So here we go---
Foods like
·   Papayas
·   Carrots
·   Red bell peppers
·   Coconut oil
·   Celery
·   Spinach
·   Salmon
·   Chia seeds
·   Green tea
·   Pumpkin seeds
·   And Sunflower seeds
Make your skin soft, supple, smooth and pimple free.

Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash

To win the war over pimples, healthy food and a healthy beauty routine will ensure that you are the victor and not the victim. Garnier has some nice products up its sleeve to help you solve the pimple problem.

This pure, active neem face wash contains, neem and tea tree oil extracts. Both have a wonderful reputation of bestowing you with blemish free skin.

Neem-  Ayurvedic doctors say that neem has anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties. It is considered a major component of Ayurvedic and Unani medicines and is mainly prescribed for skin problems.

Tea tree oil- talking about this much famed oil it is an essential oil with a fresh aromatic odor. It has anti-microbial properties. It is very effective against pimples and various other dermatological conditions.

To know more about this wonderful face wash visit these links
You will find a treasure trove of helpful information.

Take care,

**This post was written for Garnier Pure Active Face Wash contest in Indibloggger


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