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The Awful Dangers of Highly Processed Foods- Pizza, Chocolates and French Fries

Highly processed foods are addictive. That’s crazy you might wonder. But it is true. Highly processed foods like chocolates, pizza and French fries are most addictive warn scientists.
Processed foods
Research studies tell us that highly processed foods are addictive, while the unprocessed version of foods such as brown rice are not addictive. So it is not rocket science to understand that people prefer highly processed foods.
Yet another interesting news is that, persons who were overweight or obese reported to have greater addiction problems with these highly processed foods. Scientists wonder whether these persons might be particularly sensitive to the rewarding properties of processed foods.
The best way to tackle this addiction might not be simply cutting it back. But to adopt methods that are used to curtail smoking, drinking and drug use, so say researchers. I hope you understood the magnitude of this problem.
A very recent research says that, emulsifiers which are added …

Live Life to The Fullest- GroupDealz Is Now Eleventh Avenue

Life is beautiful is it not? The days of our life are numbered on this awesome planet. So while we are in the land of the living we should enjoy each day. Achieving the goals you have in mind, dreams you want see come true, and life experiences you want to experience – spells a life well lived. Here are the top 5 things on my bucket list, which I want to do, before I move on to my heavenly aboard.
Travel to Cyprus
I love this island country situated in the Mediterranean region. This island nation lies at the crossroads of three continents. That’s stunning! Beautiful beaches and breathtaking Mountain trails make this place divine. The Troodos Mountains have a wealth of monasteries and painted medieval churches. The Troodos foothills contain pretty hill villages and vineyards. There is so much to explore in Cyprus, I am just mentioning a few.
Write a book
I am a blogger, but one of my deepest desires is to author a bestselling, world famous book- Think Harry Potter. I want to leave a legac…

Sleep Well to Boost Your BrainPower

Think of your body as a machine, if the device is adequately maintained on a regular basis. It would function perfectly fine. Similarly, food, proper sleep, and exercise are needed for a healthy body.
A new study has found that lack of sleep makes us consume more fat and fewer carbohydrates. The Salience network in the brain, when not received its due rest in the form of sleep, acts weird and makes us eat more fat.
What is salience network?
I think it is a very complicated subject, but Dr. Kevin McGrew explains it easily in Creativity Post. Think of the salience network as a controller switcher. It monitors inputs of signals from the internal and external world.
It scans all the information bombarding from the inside and outside, and decides which is the most critical signal and should receive priority. It prioritizes the signals in the queue, and sends it to the other areas of the brain, for processing. Hope you understood!
Scientists say that salience network is linked to heart rac…

Notch Up Your Romantic And Wellness Quotient With These Beautiful Melodies

God ordained romance. The Holy Scriptures says that God felt that it is not good for a man to be alone, and so he created a woman. Can I say that the woman is the epitome of all creation? Ha, ha, just a thought.
Science says that love makes you stronger; it improves your psychological wellness, falling in love is good for your heart and brain. Being in a relationship that is filled with love improves your heart health, say heart specialists.
It seems that if you are in a loving relationship, you are less likely to smoke, exercise well, at least to please your spouse and have lots of friends. This type of life style reduces your stress levels and anxiety and improves your health quotient.

Here are some amazing romantic songs where puppy love metamorphoses into soulful love.
Such an innocent love song where this pretty girl Moriah Peters gives God the pen to write her love story, and the good Lord surprised her with more than she expected and she is on cloud nine and everything seems like…

Secret For Good Health - Your Positive Emotions Awe, Beauty And Wonder (Ideas For Mickey Mouse Themed Party)

Positive emotions play a crucial part in boosting your health quotient. I have research studies to prove my point. Now, that sounds great! Positive emotions such as awe, art and spirituality can work wonders for your health.
Positive emotions and well being
Yeah..yeah…they are linked. Scientists say that being in awe of the wonders of nature, immersing in soulful music and plunging into art can lower the levels of cytokines. These cytokines are small proteins and they excel in cell signalling. They signal the immune system to work harder.
These cell signalling cytokines gather cells to fight against infections, disease and trauma. If these cytokines are present in higher numbers and longer periods in the body, then that spells danger. It can be associated with disorders such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and even clinical depression.
At a quick glance be positive, think positive and act positive, and throw off all the negativity from your life, you wil…

Self-Affirm And Say I am Healthy, I am Strong And So Shall You Be

I am creative! I am beautiful! I am one of a kind! I am successful! Do you say these positive affirmations? Ha, she comes back with some weird advice, you might wonder. But take heed! This post could be life changing!
Self-affirmations It is recognizing your value and saying the statement confidently and forcefully. If you value creativity then saying, I am creative is a self-affirmation.
Scientists say that self-affirmation can open our brains to accept advice that is hard to hear. Let us say for example if the doctor advises you to get more of exercise.
You should reflect on the value that brings meaning to it. Think along these lines, if I exercise I will have a slim and fit body, my performance will increase, and I can be more active and keep diseases at bay.  If you attach value to it, then affirm it.  You can surely achieve your goal.
Researchers say that when people are affirmed, that is you attach a value to it, and say it forcefully then the brain processes the message differen…

Make Friends With Tregs to Prevent or Reverse Diabetes

I tried my hand at making healthier pizza, and as a proof I have added these photos. But my family tasted it, and admitted that my earlier version of healthier cooking, was much better than this new fad of mine. The pizza was cheese starved, and the healthiest version you would ever see in this universe, with the maximum inclusion of veggies and even pomegranates. Grrr!
Healthy fat tissue may prevent diabetes
How come? You might ask, scientists say that specialized immune cells called Tregs, play a key role in controlling inflammation in fat tissues, and maintaining insulin sensitivity. Preventing inflammation in obese fat cells may help to prevent or even reverse type 2 diabetes. Simply put the Treg cells maintain order in the immune system. Imagine your grouchy boss!!
Tregs act as guardians of the immune system. They prevent the immune response from going out of control and attack the body’s own tissues. Now, inflammation is the body’s attempt of self-protection from harmful stimuli.