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Make Friends With Tregs to Prevent or Reverse Diabetes

I tried my hand at making healthier pizza, and as a proof I have added these photos. But my family tasted it, and admitted that my earlier version of healthier cooking, was much better than this new fad of mine. The pizza was cheese starved, and the healthiest version you would ever see in this universe, with the maximum inclusion of veggies and even pomegranates. Grrr!

Healthy fat tissue may prevent diabetes

How come? You might ask, scientists say that specialized immune cells called Tregs, play a key role in controlling inflammation in fat tissues, and maintaining insulin sensitivity. Preventing inflammation in obese fat cells may help to prevent or even reverse type 2 diabetes. Simply put the Treg cells maintain order in the immune system. Imagine your grouchy boss!!

Tregs act as guardians of the immune system. They prevent the immune response from going out of control and attack the body’s own tissues. Now, inflammation is the body’s attempt of self-protection from harmful stimuli.

Scientists say that when Treg numbers are reduced inflammatory diseases such as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis can occur. Here comes the scary part. Type 2 diabetes is linked to being overweight or having high blood pressure.

Sit tight! Scientists say that long term complications of type 2 diabetes can lead to kidney, heart and eye diseases which are incurable. So the basic advice would be, to keep your fat tissues healthy, thereby you maintain the correct number of Tregs.

Earlier studies say that, fat tissues have their own unique type of Tregs. And that they disappear from fat tissue when the people become obese. To get the healthy number of Tregs you have to be in the normal weight range. The more weight you gain, the lower your Treg levels, and the more you are prone to diseases.

Fatty tissues are more than just energy storing spaces. They are corner stones which release hormones and regulate development, so say scientists.

Through the lens

Keep your fat tissue healthy, by maintaining a normal weight range. For this you should avoid eating junk food, exercise properly, sleep well, eat healthy food and have a positive frame of mind. A healthy fat tissue guarantees a general well being. So hope for a healthy fat tissue! Grrr!

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