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Secret For Good Health - Your Positive Emotions Awe, Beauty And Wonder (Ideas For Mickey Mouse Themed Party)

Positive emotions play a crucial part in boosting your health quotient. I have research studies to prove my point. Now, that sounds great! Positive emotions such as awe, art and spirituality can work wonders for your health.

Positive emotions and well being

Yeah..yeah…they are linked. Scientists say that being in awe of the wonders of nature, immersing in soulful music and plunging into art can lower the levels of cytokines. These cytokines are small proteins and they excel in cell signalling. They signal the immune system to work harder.

These cell signalling cytokines gather cells to fight against infections, disease and trauma. If these cytokines are present in higher numbers and longer periods in the body, then that spells danger. It can be associated with disorders such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and even clinical depression.

At a quick glance be positive, think positive and act positive, and throw off all the negativity from your life, you will see a tremendous good health, being bestowed upon you, from the heavens above. Hey! I am not lying just telling you my own life experience.

The three pillars of good health are healthy diet, good sleep and exercise. The new fourth pillar is the positive emotions. Keep these pillars strong in your life and you will definitely reap the benefits. Remember the three dimensions of the fourth pillar- positive emotions are feelings of spirituality, awe and art.

In two separate studies, young persons reported their positive emotions such as amusement, awe, contentment, joy, love and pride. On the same day their gum and cheek tissue samples were taken.
Courtesy of Karen Salmansohn S  

Researchers found that those who experienced more positive emotions, especially awe, wonder and amazement had the lowest levels of cytokines. The wise strategy for good health would be to experience these positive emotions all throughout the day. You are the master of your emotions. It would do a world of good if you don’t allow others to control your emotions.

Negativity and negative emotions, can drag your health down to the pit. Studies have said that, elevated cytokine levels are linked to autoimmune diseases and depression. Now what they do is, they signal the brain to produce inflammatory substances, that can block health promoting key hormones that control moods, appetite, memory and sleep.

Take away

Stay positive, live life to the fullest; experience the feelings of beauty, spirituality, wonder and amazement spread sumptuously in your palette throughout the day. Enjoy each day, because it the gift to you from the creator of the universe.

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Birthday Express Mickey and Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

Staying positive means enjoying life and here is some great news from Birthday Express.
Planning for your kids’ birthday party any time soon? Here are some awesome birthday party ideas just for you. The timeless characters of mickey and Minnie mouse can notch up the adventure in your kids party.
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You can throw an open air party if the weather is pleasant. You can ask the kids to come in their favorite cartoon character outfits. You would be busy, so ask some of your friends to dress up like Minnie and Mickey mouse and have a blast. You could make some handmade invite cards with sparkling cartoon stickers to make it even more special.

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