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The Awful Dangers of Highly Processed Foods- Pizza, Chocolates and French Fries

Highly processed foods are addictive. That’s crazy you might wonder. But it is true. Highly processed foods like chocolates, pizza and French fries are most addictive warn scientists.

Processed foods

Research studies tell us that highly processed foods are addictive, while the unprocessed version of foods such as brown rice are not addictive. So it is not rocket science to understand that people prefer highly processed foods.

Yet another interesting news is that, persons who were overweight or obese reported to have greater addiction problems with these highly processed foods. Scientists wonder whether these persons might be particularly sensitive to the rewarding properties of processed foods.

The best way to tackle this addiction might not be simply cutting it back. But to adopt methods that are used to curtail smoking, drinking and drug use, so say researchers. I hope you understood the magnitude of this problem.


A very recent research says that, emulsifiers which are added to processed foods might pose a big health concern. Emulsifiers are added to improve the texture and to increase shelf life of processed foods.

A recent study warns us that these emulsifiers alter the composition of gut mitochondria. For your information there are 100 trillion bacteria in the intestinal tract. Processed foods can change their composition.

This change in the microbial composition can lead to the development of inflammatory bowel disease and metabolic syndrome. Mayoclinic points out that metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions such as increased blood pressure, increased blood sugar levels, abnormal cholesterol levels and excess body fat around the waist. These may increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

My goodness that’s a lot of awful things. The next time you dip your teeth into that smooth, velvety chocolate cake think about this post.

Here are some healthy and easy to prepare food ideas

Soya, green gram sprouts and beans fry

This dish is easy to prepare, just throw in some beans, bean sprouts and soaked soya chunks, add some chili powder, salt and fresh crushed garlic pods in little oil and let the flavors mingle and cook till done.

Chicken chili fry

A very crispy recipe indeed. Pressure cook the chicken along with some spices. You can use the liquid for the preparation of soup. Add little oil, onion, red chilies, salt and the cooked chicken pieces. A piece of fresh ginger and garlic can notch up the taste. Fry well. Good food at your finger tips.

Cherry tomato salad
 Cut some cherry tomatoes, add salt chili flakes and parsley leaves.
A spicy salad is ready within seconds.


Hope you will try out these easy to prepare foods.

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